Saturday, December 31, 2011

The new MyKad

The image difference between the old (left) and new MyKad

The National Registration Department (NRD) will be issuing the new MyKad with the latest security features in stages from Jan 3.

NRD director-general Datuk Jariah Mohd Said said the process would start at the NRD offices in Putrajaya and Shah Alam on Tuesday and extended to other branch offices throughout country after Feb 15.

"The new MyKad is more durable as it is made of tougher polycarbonate material as well as a new and longer lasting chip.

'Apart from that, the MyKad has a "ghost image" which uses a new laser technology on the surface to prevent forgery," she told reporters.

Members of the public are encouraged to change to the new MyKad but it is not compulsory.

NRD branches in other states such as Kluang and Ipoh would be issuing the new MyKad on Jan 10, Johor Baru (Jan 14), Kuantan (Jan 15), Melaka (Jan 17), Kuching and Kota Baru (Jan 20), Kuala Terengganu and Penang (Jan 29).

Apart from that, she said the NRD office in Alor Setar would also issue the new MyKad on Feb 2, Miri (Feb 6), Kota Kinabalu and other branches on Feb 7 and branches in the Federal Territory on Feb 15. More..

Source: The Star.. New Mykad with anti-forgery "ghost image"

Driveway alarms and More

Safety is always a top priority both for the home and the office. If you are in search of a wireless driveway alarm for your home or business, is your best source. features a wide array of long-range wireless driveway alarms, battery-powered remote sensors, loud ringing alarm systems, and even simple tone alert options. Their driveway wireless alert systems employ sophisticated infrared motion sensors, electromagnetic probes, compression hoses, and photoelectric beam kits. The most unique and specialized electronics are offered right here, at their easy-to-navigate website.

Browse their website for all products available relating to driveway alarms. You can find them all in their easy-to-access website in the following categories: Wireless Driveway Alarms, Motion Sensor Driveway Alarms, Electronic Probe Alarms, and Other Driveway Alarms.

Looking for a driveway vehicle detector or a remote car starter? You can find them here too. offers a wide selection of wireless motion alarms and detector alert systems in a range of styles and detection ranges. They are perfect for adding security or notification to any area in your home or business ensuring peace of mind. Additionally, their Rubber Hose, Reflective Beam Sensor, and other Driveway Alarms are specifically designed to eliminate false signals.

At DrivewayAlarmStore, their most popular form of alerts are driveway alarms. Unlike compression hose and electronic probe sensors, these infrared assisted systems can be employed to detect both large vehicles and people, while they ignore most small animals, foliage movement, or blowing debris thus preventing alarm unnecessarily going off.

Communication via intercom in the home is a handy method to get in touch especially when the home is a sprawling property of multiple levels and wings. A reliable intercom system is a boon to home security. DrivewayAlarmStore has a good selection of home wireless intercom system sets. Check them out.

Why buy from DrivewayAlarm There is no sales tax ouside of WA State. Orders placed before 10am ship the same business day ensuring that you get your items in the fastest possible time. All their products are genuine, authorized products. They do not carry any unauthorized or 'gray market' product of any kind. DrivewayAlarmStore is in good standing being a member of the Better Business Bureau. They have a great deal of experience and expertise in alarm systems having been in the industry since 1999. Last but not least, you can be assured of the security measure put in place. All online transactions on their website are processed with industry-standard SSL encryption. is truly anyone's driveway alarm source.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Higher EPF contribution by Employers

The revised employers’ statutory contribution rate of 13% to the Employees Provident Fund for workers earning less than RM5,000 a month will take effect next month.

The 1% increase from the current 12% will benefit about 5.3 million working Malaysians, who make up 92% of EPF’s active members.

The employee contribution rate remains at 11%.

Employees who are 55 years and above and earning wages not exceeding RM5,000 will also benefit from the revised rates, as employers are now required to contribute at 6.5% – an additional 0.5% from the current 6%.

The rate increase was announced by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak in his Budget 2012 speech as a move to help those with insufficient savings to bear the cost of living upon retirement.

Source: The Star.. Higher EPF contribution for 5.3 million workers

A Site on Health and Fitness - Women's Health and More

Thanks to technology and the Internet we now have access to a lot more information, and within easy reach too. For students, doing research on the Internet is convenient and fast as opposed to having to pore over volumes and volumes of encyclopedias and reference books in the library. Though the latter may have more substantiated sources, the Internet can speed up the student's research time allowing more time for actual study.

For someone who never tires of new knowledge, the Internet has served me well. I am always on the lookout for news items to broaden my horizons and to understand things better. I was checking out arthritis and womens fitness advice to share with my co-workers the other day when I discovered a great source for women health. If you are looking for pregnancy advice, this site has a lot of it. Did you know there are foods that can enhance ovulation thus increasing fertility? Check out fertility-boosting foods on the site if you are planning to start a family. not only has pregnancy advice, the site also has advice and information for caring of children - from toddlers to teens - as well as family health and wellness. Practically everything you want to know about health, womens health particularly, is available on this site. From aging and memory, allergies and asthma, to cancer, caregiving, diabetes, diet and fitness, to eye health, flu and cold, to mental health, sexual health, skin health - information on these and more are available on this site. You can also find recipes on how to prepare healthy meals for healthy living.

Although information on may be more inclined for women, men can also benefit from the health information on this site. Want to know how to take care of your heart? Check it out here!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Affordable home decor accessories

Over here, it is next to impossible to find a home decorating store with nice and unusual home accessories and decor items at affordable prices. Thank goodness for the Internet, affordable home decor items are just a mouse-click away.

The Textured Element is an online store that offers home accessories and decor items for the home's bathroom, kitchen and office at affordable prices. Homeowners who are looking for unique home decorations have come to the right place. The Textured Element is one of Colorado's leading home decorating stores. They offer their customers tremendous value on home decor items that give homeowners exciting home decorating possibilities at an affordable price.

The Textured Element carries a wide selection of affordable home decor items. Their Home Decor range includes items such as Onyx soup dishes, Bath and Salt bottle sets, cast iron bath racks, countertop baskets, towel racks, candlelight holder sets, interesting wall clocks and more.

The Entertaining and Dining range includes Chinese cedar fruit bowls and plates, platters and trays. Cast iron door knockers, door stoppers, knobs and pulls, numbers and letters make up the Hardware section among other items. For Outdoor Entertaining, you will find pretty hanging utility bucket, drink holders and their terracotta tabletop beverage station.

Other categories include Organization & Storage where you will find baskets, boxes and bins. Decor items like antique Asian baskets and lunchboxes are available, so are chicken-wire basket sets. Children are not forgotten. Their Kids section has a variety of colorful blankets which are going for half the price at the moment. Do check them out. They would make great gifts for baby showers.

If you are a collector of gemstone eggs, you have to check out their Collections section where there is a selection of 100 different gemstone eggs, sure to get any collector excited.

Other categories include Gifts, Holidays and Accessories. Do check out the Bargain Bin too. There is also a section on Recycled, Refurbished and Reused Electronics in which there are wall clocks, wall hangings and such.

Looking for vintage-style towel racks or distinctive metal signs? They are available here too.

Affordable as the items here are, for more savings, The Textured Element is now offering items at much-discounted prices. Flexible payment options are also available to make purchases even more affordable.

Shopping here is convenient and hassle-free. The site is easy to navigate as their items are categorized accordingly for easy access. Their advanced shopping cart technology safeguards your personal information each time you shop with them giving you peace of mind. Their customer service line is always available should you have any query about your account or their products. Also, they charge a flat rate of just $4.99 for standard shipping for the entire order. The place to shop for affordable home decor is undoubtedly here at The Textured Element!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Female Rhino saved in dramatic rescue

According to a report in The Star,

Since 1996, the Sumatran rhino has been listed as “critically endangered”, which is just a step away from being extinct in the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)’s Red List.

On Christmas Day, a female rhino was successfully airlifted in a rescue bid to a rhino sancturay in Sabah, East Malaysia.

The rhino named Puntung, aged between 10 and 12 years, gives conservationists another shot at breeding the species in captivity. It is hoped Puntung would mate with a lone captive male rhino, named Tam.

There is an estimated of just 20 to 30 rhinos left in the wilds of Sabah.

Source: The Star..Rhino saved in dramatic rescue

Sunday, December 18, 2011

I found my Quality office desk chairs at ChairHero

<--The ErgoFast Chair

Nowadays, office desk chairs are not what they used to be. People are more discerning about chairs. Not only does an office furniture chair have to be good looking, it has to be comfortable. Ergonomics is a factor that people consider when buying chairs both for the home as well as for the office.

The new year is just around the corner and if you are looking for an office chair or two to spruce up your office, will have what you need. They not only have high quality chairs, they also have them at the very best prices. Being a chair specialist, ChairHero carries all kinds of chairs to meet every office need including conference room chairs, task chairs, leather office chairs, guest chairs, computer desk chairs, drafting chairs, reception chairs and more.

Check out the site. It is easy to navigate and their chairs are categorized accordingly for fast and easy access. You can also shop by Brand. ChairHero carries high quality office chairs from big-name, reliable brands including STO, Office Star, Boss, ErgoFast and others. Take Office Star for example. Office Star has been in the chair business for 29 years so you can expect the kind of quality when you shop at

Boss Office Products is a reliable manufacturer of value-oriented office seating. They specialize in manufacturing low price, good quality office chairs for the budget consumer. Their portfolio of products ranges from leather office chairs to ergonomic chairs, all within the budget price range.

What I especially like about the site is their scan feature. It allows you to zoom-scan every chair to view the details. All items sold have the manufacturer specific warranties. Customers can call in for more information. All items ship within a day or two of ordering as they are shipped from the manufacturers.

If you are looking for an office furniture chair, you won't go wrong shopping at ChairHero. You get the best quality and an equally best price. The featured chair at this moment is the ErgoFast - Milan Ultra Mesh Mid Back Task Chair. It is a chair with a modern designed mesh back with a supportive molded seat foam for comfort. It is made of non-abrasive black seat fabric with multi-function adjustable arms. To top it all up, this chair has an Ergo Office Lifetime Warranty and comes at an unbeatable price of only $190!

Check out the other chairs too. You would be amazed at what you can find especially at their Monthly Specials.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Holidaying in Majorca

The Mediterranean is a choice holiday destination. The summers are not too hot and the winters are mild making it ideal for people who wish to get away from the extreme cold in winter or the heat in summer. If you are looking for a holiday in the Mediterranean, Majorca is a wonderful vacation spot.

Majorca, also known as Mallorca, is an island located in the Mediterranean Sea, one of the Balearic Islands off the coast of Spain. Beautiful white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, amazing landscapes, wonderful mountains and affordable Mediterranean food are all what make Majorca so attractive which accounts for 8 million tourist arrivals in high season according to WikiTravel.

Renting a villa is an excellent, if often inexpensive, way of enjoying Mallorca's more secluded locations. Apartments in Majorca are aplenty especially along the more than forty beaches on Majorca. However, you will find accommodation inland away from the beach cheaper than those along the beach. Whatever accommodation you are looking for, you will be sure to find your home away from home from the wide range of properties available. It is advisable to make reservations early to avoid disappoint, especially if you plan to go to Majorca in summer.

There are frequent flights to Majorca from many European cities to Palma de Mallorca airport. Many of the discount airlines have daily flights. While on the island, many spots are reachable by bus or you can hire a car and drive around the island at your own time visiting the many museums and cathedrals in various parts of the island. Joining a guided tour is also a good way to be shown around. That way, you will be sure to be covering the popular tourist places if that is what you prefer.

Palma de Mallorca, the island´s capital is worth a trip on its own. It is an old city of architectural wonders, culture and mediterranean food. When it comes to food, while in Majorca, Paella is recommended, especially the seafood version. Local dishes include Frit Mallorquí and Sopes Mallorquines (a simple, yet healthy vegetable soup with meat, wild mushrooms, etc.).

There is something for everyone here in Mallorca, no matter what the season. Besides spending time on the beach, you can go hiking on some fine trails, go cycling, play golf on one of the eighteen 18-hole golf courses, bird-watching at the salt marsh where large numbers of bird species can be seen, yachting, sailing, rock climbing and more. Whatever you do there, Majorca may yet be your best holiday destination!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Malaysia has a new King today

The 14th Yang di-Pertuan Agong of Malaysia is being sworn in today. The new king is the Sultan of Kedah. This is His Majesty's second installation as the monarch, the first installation being in 1970. Read more about the new King.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Food Allergies & Vitamin Supplements

The kind of food one can stomach without any discomfort or allergy may not be the case for another. For optimum health, we will need to know what food to avoid should we have a reaction to it. But then again, we do not need to avoid totally the food we love. There are vitamin supplements that can help alleviate symptoms.

For example, histamine in food. Elelvated histamine levels in foods such as pizza, fish, wine, beer and many others can make eating them a miserable experience. With Histame, a food supplement, these foods no longer need to be avoided. Histame replenishes the body's digestive enzyme Diamine Oxidase to regulate histamine levels in the body thus reducing food intolerance unlike antihistamines which only block the histamine.

When it comes to nutrition, of course it is ideal to get natural vitamins from the food we eat. Due to busy schedules, some of us tend not to eat right, i.e., we may be in such a rush that we do not have time to eat proper meals. This can result in a shortage of vitamins that our body needs to function at optimum levels. Food supplements can fill the gap to ensure adequate levels of the nutrients our body needs. There are now organic natural vitamins that we can consume without worry of them contaminating our body systems. There are even natural vitamins for joint pain. Inflammation from joint pain can have adverse effect on one's heart.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Visit a Batik Exhibition in Kuala Lumpur

If you are in Kuala Lumpur right now and will be for the next two days and if you are interested in buying some batik products or even know more about this art-form, you may want to head on over to the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre for the Kuala Lumpur International Batik Convention and Exhibition (KLIB) 2011. Admission is free of charge.

Some details below:

KLIB Convention 2011
9th - 10th Dec 2011:
10:30am - 6:00pm

KLIB Exibition 2011
9th - 11th Dec 2011:
10:30am - 5:00pm
The exhibition is open to the public and trade at all times.

Minors of 16 years and below will NOT be admitted. All visitors must be in proper business attire. The organiser reserves the right to refuse entry to those deemed inappropriately dressed.

More about the Kuala Lumpur International Batik Convention and Exhibition (KLIB) 2011

Sunday, December 04, 2011

Zaarly makes it easy to sell or buy a product or service

Here is a site with a difference. If you are looking to selling or buying a product or service, Zaarly is just the site to go to. Say, if you are looking for a personal assistant to help with taking your kids to baseball practice or picking up clothes from the cleaners, and you are based in San Francisco, just type in personal assistant san francisco on the Zaarly site, sit back and be surprised by the amount of offers coming in.

Zaarly is truly an infinite marketplace where items and services are available and where they were never known existed for sale. Zaarly works wonders for anyone with anything to buy or a service required. A simple posting of what you want, when you would like it and how much you are willing to pay will yield bids from other Zaarly members looking to fulfill your request. If you need anything from buying concert tickets to buying a tv from the store or need some painting done around the yard, or need the lawn mowed, just Zaarly it! It is as simple as that.

Watch video below to get an idea of how Zaarly works.

Friday, December 02, 2011

Flooding in Kajang

The monsoon has not only caused flooding in the east coast, Kajang, a town south of Kuala Lumpur, was also submerged in flood waters this afternoon after torrential rain that broke a river bank.

Read more about the Kajang floods here.

Image source: The Star

Thursday, December 01, 2011

Military auctions are a great place to increase one's collection

There are some hobbies and interests that would need extra time and effort to secure the best collections or interesting pieces. Collecting guns and military paraphernalia are two such hobbies. Nowadays, it is no longer an obstacle to acquiring out-of-the-ordinary antique rifles, for instance. The Internet has taken care of that even if you are in the remotest part of the world.

There are gun gun auction sites available online that make increasing one's collection or selling an item easy and with little hassle. Affiliated Auctions & Reality is a top auction site for a variety of items including guns and military paraphernalia, toy war airplanes from an old era, real estate, business liquidations, gold and silver coins and more. Even if you are looking to sell jewelry, this is also the site to go to.

From single items to large collections, estates and business liquidations, Affiliated Auctions has the venue to best service your needs. They regularly conduct scheduled full-color print catalog auctions and with their vast collector-buyer base, Affiliated will help you achieve the highest price possible through auction or private treaty sale. If you are a gun or military rifles collector, their military auctions are just what you are looking for. Check out the Affiliated Auctions & Realty website. You will not be disappointed.
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