Thursday, March 29, 2012

Ensuring Internet Security

Internet security has never been as critically-emphasized as now. What with malware and whatnot in the worldwide web, Security-as-a-service is highly valued to ensure company system running smoothly and uninterrupted without compromising on company information and intellectual property.

As software as a service (SaaS) is catching on with more and more companies tapping into the resource of cloud-computing, organizations are now more focussed on internet security, web 2.0 security, as part of corporate strategy.

Zscaler, The Cloud Security Company, is the industry-first multi-tenant SaaS security provider.
Most security products (including firewalls, VPNs and IDS/IPS) protect corporate servers from threats coming from the Internet. This is more the trend currently.

Unknown to most, newer threats infect end-users - who are the people accessing Internet resources - via bots, phishing and malicious active content, all of which subsequently infect corporate networks and systems. So far, corporations have done very little to inspect user-initiated traffic and protect their users. This is where Zscaler makes the difference. Zscaler shifts focus away from the server to the user, protecting companies from the new generation of security threats. Through their global, in-the-cloud infrastructure, Zscaler enforces business policy and mitigates risk and provides the end-user with a rich Internet experience. Users are also protected at any place and on any device. Zscaler's pricing is very competitive, delivering twice the functionality at half the price.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Barska specializes in Rifle scopes and More

If you are searching for sport optics and gear, your search stops here. Barska, being one of the world's leading producers of premium sports optical equipment and accessories stocks top quality Rifle scopes, Spotting Scopes, Laser Sights, SWAT Tactical Scopes & More!

Barska designs their products with the customer in mind delivering value, quality and new technology to enhance consumer lifestyle experience in sporting activities be it hunting, fishing, bird watching, or even outdoor observation.

Their top rated products which include Rifle scopes, telescopes, binoculars, lasers, tripods, microscopes, monoculars, and spotting scopes are carried by 100 largest sporting goods retailers in America, Asia, Europe, Africa, South America and Australia. Rifle scopes at Barska's feature the latest optical technology. They are made using the best components by the most prominent manufacturers.

There is also a wide array of accessories including grips, rifle-cleaning supplies, combination packages, mounts, rings, safes, batteries, and heart rate monitors. Their products, whether binoculars or rifle scopes, can be researched from home through their website and can be purchased through various sporting goods retailers or directly from their website. Customer support services are accessible via phone or email and all products come with a full warranty. As products sell globally, customer support services, manuals, and instructions are offered in multiple languages.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Skyrocketing Shophouses in Penang

When you visit Malaysia, a common feature you will notice is the prewar shophouses just like the ones in the image below. These are shophouses found in the inner-city of Penang Island. These shophouses retain almost the original look especially in the color scheme and the facade.

The standard features of these prewar shophouses are their high ceiling, wide wooden frontdoor, wood-panel windows out front while windows upstairs have full length shutters and natural ventilation from the placement of the wooden strips on the panel. These shophouses come in various sizes, one shophouse can be of 10ft by 36ft size, while another can be 17ft by 100ft. Shophouses are normally of two floors but can be as high as three floors in densely populated locations.

These shophouses have been refurbished and repainted in various color schemes.

When Penang was gazetted a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2008, prices of these prewar shophouses have been going up ever since. Currently in Penang, the price of such a heritage building has reached RM2,000 per sq ft along prime streets — equivalent to the price of the poshest Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC) condominium unit.

A glimpse of other famous heritage buildings in Penang..

Bought for RM2mil in 2008, Campbell House in Jalan Campbell is a 10-room hotel owned by Malaysia-born Nadya Wray and her Italian husband, Roberto Dreon.

Sold: The Nam Wah Hotel property on Lebuh Chulia was sold for RM7mil recently.

Old is gold: Located within the heritage zone, the centre shophouse (painted in yellow and white) in Lorong Carnarvon was sold for RM1.2mil while the derelict unit on the left sold for about RM700,000.

For more information on shophouses in Penang, read The Star..Skyrocketing shophouses

All images here are from The Star

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Best credit card deals

Isn't it incredible that we can accomplish so much online nowadays? We can go shopping, pay our bills, buy concert tickets, buy groceries, transfer funds, even submit credit card applications online. Unfortunately, the last item is not happening here in Malaysia. We are not quite there yet but if you are in the United States, for instance, credit card applications can be submitted online. How cool is that!

Today's advanced technology has enabled people (in certain countries) to apply online for credit cards allowing application to be processed and approved more quickly. Online credit card application saves time and the hassle of having to approach a credit card company. The option of online credit card application enables the applicant to compare the various credit cards available before one makes the application.

If you are looking into applying for a credit card, is the site you would want to check out. The site is easy to navigate which makes it easy for you to do research and compare credit cards to find the best credit card offers that meet your needs.

You would be amazed at the types of credit cards available. Whether it's a credit card application for balance transfer, low interest, cashback, rewards, airline rewards, gas rewards, points or hotel rewards that you are seeking, you can find them all here on this site. offers a comprehensive assortment of the best credit card deals for credit users, from business credit cards to consumer cards that offer great rates and flexible pay structures. When you're ready to start looking for the best credit card for your financial situation, look no further than where finding the perfect credit card for your needs is fast and easy.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Looking for a Zelda Sword?

Malacca, one of Malaysia's UNESCO-gazetted World Heritage sites, is popular with tourists, foreign and locals alike, for its historical significance. Antique shops along the much-visited Jonker Street see unending lines of visitors looking for a good bargain or a rare find.

On a visit recently, I noticed a number of visitors carrying what looked like swords. When I eventually came to the shop that was selling the exact same swords, on closer inspection, I realised they were not real swords but replicas that looked real enough for stage acts, for instance, or even for home display.

<-- Image of a Legend of Zelda Master Sword Ultimate Edition

If you are looking to buy swords or a Throwing knife, Twiggy's Treasures is what you are looking for. Twiggy's Treasures is a one stop shop for everything swords. They carry everything from Medieval Weapons, Shields, and Helmets to Fantasy Daggers and Movie Replicas as well as Asian fans. Every item they carry is hand-selected for its quality and value.

Twiggy's Treasures is having a Big Sale at the moment and their best swords are for sale with discounts ranging from 20 to 50% off the usual price! You will find on offer from Dragon Swords to Katana Swords and more. Looking for a zelda sword? These too are on sale. The Zelda sword as in the image is going for more than 30% discount!

Collectors of swords or antiques including Samurai swords, dragon swords, Asian fans, knives, martial arts swords and medieval swords will appreciate the wide selection of items on Twiggy's Treasures. Not only can you find a grand selection, their products are made with the finest quality metal, woods and crafting possible.

Operating for more than a decade, they have become one of the most trusted and reliable sources of swords on the market. If you are looking for dragon sword or even an anime sword, they have them. Their swords are crafted not only with the look, they are also battle-ready.

If you are a collector of fantasy-based swords, including those featured in "Lord of the Rings" movies and books, you will find Twiggy's Treasures has a fine collection of "Lord of the Rings" swords. They are designed to look as close as possible to the original. Twiggy's Treasures also carries a wide range of original fantasy swords that are created by some of the finest sword designers in the industry.

So why not look through their catalog today? You would be amazed at the range of items available and their incredible prices. They accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express credit and debit cards. Their services have been rated as "reliable" and "safe" by the "Trustwave Trusted Commerce" group. All of their transactions are protected by the "BBB Online Reliability Program."

Thursday, March 15, 2012

No more multi-tasking for Indonesian maids

Housemaids in Malaysia are more often than not either from Indonesia or The Philippines. Recently, Indonesia lifted its ban to send maids over but has drawn up new guidelines pertaining to work scope and remuneration.

The stipulation is Indonesian maids will be employed to handle only one task - cooking or baby-sitting or taking care of the elderly or housekeeping. They will no longer be multi-tasking. The basic salary for an Indonesian maid shall be RM700 a month. Malaysia has not agreed to these stipulations.


Saturday, March 10, 2012

Colostomy supplies from Total Home Medical

Total Home Medical is where you will find the medical supplies and equipment you need to care for yourself or a loved one at home. From blood glucose monitors to mobility scooters to colostomy supplies, you can be assured of the highest quality home health care products at the lowest possible prices.

A medical bed is useful for people who suffer from a debilitating injury or disease and may find it extremely difficult or inconvenient getting up from a traditional bed. Individuals who have back pain or are suffering from Osteoarthritis will greatly benefit from adjustable medical beds due to better support. Better support can decrease joint irritation by minimizing the compression of joints. This results in the individual not awakening in the morning feeling sore and stiff.

Medical beds being adjustable are very helpful in reducing the incidence of bedsores. Total Home Medical carries various adjustable medical beds from basic manual beds to full electric hospital beds to luxury adjustable beds. Check them out!

Shopping for medical supplies and equipment is never easier. The Total Home Medical website is easy to navigate with products categorized accordingly for easy access. Among the products THM carries include Bariatric diapers for adults, clinical supplies, diabetes care supplies, living aids, mobility aids, protective wear, respiratory care, urological supplies and more.

In addition to providing products for home use, Total Home Medical also supplies to businesses, clinics, hospitals, government agencies and colleges, universities, and K-12 schools. The advantages for ordering from THM include no minimum quantity required and no minimum amount required. Shipping is free on orders over $99. This applies to US only however. Tax exemptions honored, again in the US only.

Why do people choose Total Home Medical for Medical Supplies and Equipment? Established since 2002, their decade of commitment to excellent service to their customers make Total Home Medical the trusted supplier to provide customers with the care they need. Customers can expect lower prices on brand names for medical supplies, hospital beds and durable medical equipment. Free ground delivery for orders over $99 in the United States. Items ship fast, typically delivered within 4 days, regardless of location in the US. Most orders ship to you directly from manufacturers' warehouses with no middle man markup.

Monday, March 05, 2012

Tourist bus overturns near Genting Highlands

Oh dear, an accident involving an overturned tourist bus at Genting Highlands this morning killed two tourists, critically injuring four while seven others are in semi-critical condition.

There were 26 people onboard the bus including two drivers who were also injured. The two drivers have been detained by the police to help in investigations.

All tourists are from Punjab. The bus was on its way down from Genting Highlands when the accident happened, at 8:25am. It was on its way to Singapore. More about the overturned tourist bus near Genting Highlands..

Image source: The Star

Sunday, March 04, 2012

Wrought Iron Doors, Gates, Fences and More

As reported by CNN, according to the National Weather Service in Dallas-Fort Worth, an estimate of between six and 13 tornadoes may have touched down in Dallas, Arlington and the surrounding area Tuesday. Crews were still surveying damage across the area when estimation was given.

Damage done by the violent tornadoes was extensive. About 200 homes were destroyed and 650 were damaged in northern Texas after the storms tore through one of the nation's largest metropolitan areas. With wind speed estimated to have been as high as 150 miles per hour in the town, one can expect the kind of damage as a result. A house couldn't have stood the impact, let alone metal railings.

Talk about metal railings, if you are in the market for wrought iron works including doors, gates, fences, or even lanterns, you may want to check out San Miguel Ironworks.

San Miguel Ironworks manufactures uniquely beautiful and original wrought iron entry doors, gates, railings and lanterns. They work directly with homeowners, architects, builders, and designers to create lasting works of art in ornamental metal which grace many of the finest homes in the Southwest.

Browse their gallery for design ideas to create your own personal expressions of style for your residence or your business premise. San Miguel Ironworks has a wide selection of custom wrought iron entry doors and wrought iron gates and fences. Looking for a wrought cellar door? They have that too and come in many designs as well. Planning to remodel your home? Why not check out their designs on metal railings and balconies. Add lanterns too for that warm feel to a home.

Other accessories including window grilles, pot holders and table stands are also available. If you would like an immediate purchase, they also have ready-made, available-for-immediate-purchase wrought iron doors and wine cellar doors. Call for more information.

San Miguel Ironworks is renowned for their top quality works of art and stands out among the others. The site ranks high on search engines. If you just key in the search-term 'iron doors dallas' on Google, the site appears among the top on Page 1 of the search results. Don't just take my word for it, try searching for it.

Why wait? Call them today for a free consultation about creating your dream entrance, one that will warmly welcome your family, friends and guests to your home for years to come.
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