Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Protecting My Home While Traveling

Thanks to guest blogger Haley Richardson for the post.

Every year my family and I travel to Gulf Shores, Alabama for our summer vacation. It’s sort of a tradition for our family to get together for a week and have fun in the sun on the coast! A lot of people tend to ask me, however, if I ever worry about the security of my home while on vacation. To be honest, I take lots of precautions to make sure that everything is fine with my home, even when I’m not there.

One of the first things I do before going on vacation to help secure my property is take current pictures of all of my major belongings. I usually use a digital camera to do so, so that I can upload the photos to a server so that they are protected and can’t be lost. Another thing I usually do is ask my neighbor to keep an eye out over the house. I usually kindly let her know that we’ll be gone for a certain amount of time, and I ask her to keep a watch out over my house just to ensure things are going smoothly.

Last but certainly not least, I usually set my home alarm from ADT security deals Boise before leaving the house. Purchasing that system is probably one of the best things I could have ever done as everything has gone perfectly well so far!

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