Sunday, May 30, 2010

Penang Street Food - Kimberly Street

Penang is primarily famous for two things, synonymous even. One, is the beaches along Batu Ferringhi, the other is her street food, mainly Chinese in origin.

Anyone visiting Penang will not go hungry as spread out all over the island are eateries that serve all kinds of street fare. These food specialities have been around for generations and are still enjoyed by locals and visitors alike.

One such place is Kimberly Street. According to Helen Ong of The Star, this long, one-way street in the heart of George Town’s Chinatown transforms into a street food paradise from mid-afternoon.

During the day, it is just another of George Town’s many busy old roads with the inevitable eateries.

Mid-afternoon, however, the middle section, particularly near the Lebuh Cintra junction, transforms into a wonderful street food paradise which goes on till they sell out in the late evening. Scattered around three or four kopitiams lining both sides of the narrow road, the brightly-lit stalls offer all types of local delights.

Among the street food found here is the famous Penang Char kway teow which is flat rice noodles stir-fried with lots of chopped garlic flavoured with soy sauces whose ingredients include egg, bean sprouts, chives, prawns, Chinese sausages, cockles (optional) and pork rinds/scratchings.

Another popular street food served here is the Hokkien fried mee. Others include a variety of other types of fried noodles, Duck Kuey Chap, desserts, and many more.

Penang is not dubbed a food paradise for nothing.

Source: Come to Kimberly Street..

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Visit Bangkok on AirAsia's Free Seat Promotion

Now that the unrest in Bangkok is over, it is time again to visit the shopping and food paradise.

Low-cost carrier AirAsia is giving away 10,000 free seats to Bangkok as part of its efforts to help revive the Thai capital’s travel and tourism industry.

The promotion will be launched on Wesak Day on May 28, which is tomorrow, for travel between June 7 and Aug 31.

Travellers can choose to fly to Bangkok from Asean countries and China.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

No visa rule again from July 1 for transit visitors from Sri Lanka, Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh

Good news.

Malaysia will once again offer transit travellers from Sri Lanka, Pakistan, India and Bangladesh a chance to visit the country without the need for a visa.

Malaysia has decided to reinstate from July 1 the “transit without visa” offer to travellers from the four countries after considering the advantage it would offer in terms of attracting more tourists from the region.

Malaysia previously offered a similar privilege to travellers from the Indian sub-continent but it was later revoked. Some methods will be initiated to avoid abuse of the facility.

Buying a new Swim Suit

Thanks to Samantha Hons for the guest post!

With today's economy people from all walks of life are looking for ways to cut their monthly budgets down. Some of the best ways to save money and still purchase a variety of goods, and that's through online coupons. Just like weekly newspaper print coupons, the online world has opened up to consumers looking for bargains and have created major discounts to take advantage of. I recently got my fast satellite internet from and I’m really pleased.

One of the best sites I've seen online is The site offers promotional codes from around the Internet to some of the biggest names in retail. The website offers thousands of online coupons and is updated on a daily basis. You can use the coupons on the site, print them out and use them in store if you'd like.

Another great website that offers an over abundance of coupons to help any sized family save on every day needs is This site is jammed packed, and is one of the biggest archives of deals you can find anywhere. You'll be hard pressed to find a bigger source for savings online.

For people that are looking for big deals and savings on computer technology and more, you could take advantage of the great deals and coupons found on The site has nothing but technology based coupons so that people that need computers, printers and more can get some major discounts as well.

One thing that I've noticed when searching through these great websites is that with wild blue satellite Washington, I've managed to load pages much faster than anticipated. Some of these sites have large amounts of script and images to load, and while that might bug some, it is actually worth wading through.

With modern times, the Internet has really opened up the doors for people on a budget. I actually just moved, and used to have satellite internet Acworth NH, but have been just as happy here in Washington. You'd be surprised how many great options are available to the average person. You don't have to hunt for bargains on a weekly basis; you can now enjoy purchasing great items for your home, and even groceries, by simply looking at online coupons.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Invest in Gold Bullion to Preserve Your Wealth

The world economy has time and again been threatened by unstable financial conditions. This time, the Greek debt issue is giving everyone the jitters. This need not be if one's investments are in something solid and tangible such as precious metals like gold.

Gold has been a favored commodity for centuries. In contemporary times, gold remains a sought after investment item to protect one's wealth against inflation thus preserving one's purchasing power. Paper currency no longer has that capability.

The United States Gold Bureau is one place to
buy gold bullion. You can get more information on how to invest plus other recommendations pertaining to precious metal investments.

Monday, May 17, 2010

AirAsia is giving away One Million Free Seats

If you are planning a vacation first half of next year, you may want to check out AirAsia. They are again giving away one million free seats for travel from Jan 3 to May 8 to 130 destinations in 20 countries.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My First Trip to Las Vegas

This was guest posted by Mark Rogerts

I was excited. My wife and I were going to Las Vegas. Neither of us had been there before, which was cool because then we both had our own expectations on what the city would be like. I imagined neon lights and the sounds of slot machines while my wife pictured tall buildings and famous people.

We packed our bags into our car and went into the house to make sure we hadn’t forgotten anything. There’s no worse feeling than getting halfway to the airport and realizing you forgot your wallet or a certain pair of shoes you wanted to bring. Everything looked good, I think we had everything we wanted to take. I set our brand new ADT Home Security alarm and we were off to Vegas.

Once we arrived at the airport in Las Vegas I got us a cab to take us to our hotel. The hotel was on the other end of the famous “Strip” so we got to see all the famous hotels we’d heard about, but had never seen before. My wife’s and my expectations both turned out to be true as we went up (or down, I’m not really sure) Las Vegas Boulevard.

There was definitely tall buildings and there were billboards advertising shows by all kinds of famous people. There were neon lights everywhere. And I mean everywhere. There was no need for any other kind of lighting because the neon lights lit everything up. And one time our cab stopped at a stop light and I could actually hear people playing the slot machines. It was amazing.

Just walk the Strip and you can spend two days doing free things. This is definitely the most unique place I have ever been. Both my wife and I had the trip of our lives.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Internet Travel is a REAL Vacation

This is a guest post written by Sam Withs

So recently I made the decision to take some time off from my hectic work schedule. I knew I wanted to take a vacation so I started perusing some travel guides and making phone calls to look into hotel and tour booking, but that turned out to be more stressful than my existing work schedule! Then, at the advice of a friend, i used my hughesnet satellite internet to search online for travel options.

I dreaded it at first because I'm not exactly a computer expert, but MAN was i relieved! It turned out to be a breeze to book my hotel online, compare pricing, look at customer reviews of each destination...I even got to see pictures of the inside of all the rooms before I chose my hotel! Whereas before I was dealing with caustic, unwelcoming customer service representatives on the telephone, now I had all the hotel and vacation home options I could ever want RIGHT at my fingertips! Unbelievably I could actually communicate with real estate agents about vacation homes at my discretion, and compare amenities while in my PJ's and eating dinner!

The amazing advancements that internet services are providing effectively make the headache of thumbing through clumsy books, inaccurate and out-dated travel guides and hundreds of fruitless phone calls one hundred percent obsolete, and this traveler could not be happier! Thanks to hughs net the previous chore of making plans to travel, take time off from work, and see the world is no longer a daunting task. In fact, it's as relaxing as a vacation was meant to be!
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