Monday, April 23, 2007

Add style to a home with a crystal chandelier

A friend just moved into her new home. I was invited to her house-warming party the other evening. It's a beautiful home, a spacious bungalow and she's got it beautifully and expensively furnished.

However, there was something missing I thought and I suggested that she get a chandelier to replace some of the lights. She didn't know about the D'Legne Chandeliers so I filled her in. Even though the D'Legne Chandeliers are European-style crystal chandeliers, they are inexpensive as they are not sold in stores but are sold directly to customers. With high quality craftsmanship, exquisite design and elegant style, a D'Legne chandelier would add a certain luxury to any home.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Booking a taxi via SMS

Good news for people who need a taxi in the Putrajaya and Cyberjaya areas as an SMS taxi service for taxis operating in Putrajaya and Cyberjaya was launched recently.

Under the service, passengers can ask for a taxi pick-up by sending their addresses to a message centre via the SMS number 33030. The SMS will then be recorded and a request sent out via radio to all the taxis in the vicinity.

If there is a taxi available, an SMS will be sent out to them informing them of their taxi number as well as the time it will need to reach their house or address. Only after the SMS has been sent out informing passengers of their taxi numbers, will the RM1 service charge be imposed.

Source: The Star

Saturday, April 21, 2007

MAS all out for e-Ticketing

Malaysia Airlines (MAS) now allows passengers of its customer airlines to check in either via e-Ticketing or paper tickets. Previously, only paper ticket passengers of customer airlines, which include Jet Airways, Royal Brunei and Kuwait Airways, were able to check in. More..The Star

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Student card for foreign students

Good news for foreign students as they will be able to move about with greater peace of mind soon as the Higher Education Ministry and Home Affairs Ministry are jointly launching a student card for them.

The card will identify the holder as an international student pursuing tertiary education in Malaysia and specify which institution he is in.

This is to ensure that these students are not mistaken for foreign workers and minimise incidents of them being detained by the police on suspicions of criminal activities.

Source: The Star

Free online job portal

Job seekers, did you know that there is a free online job portal?

THE Electronic Labour Exchange (ELX) developed by the Ministry of Human Resources has been operational as a free online job portal since 2004.

The ELX registers both employers and employees who are then matched online respectively.

Suitable employees will be aptly matched with potential employers according to their employability status.

The moment the match is done, the candidate will be contacted for an interview.

More..The Star

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

KLCI closes at new high on strong buying

If you are a participant in the local share market, the recent positive trend would spell good news. The Kuala Lumpur Composite Index (KLCI) closed at a new high yesterday, putting on 14.71 points, or 1.12%, to 1,322.91 – its highest since Jan 5, 1994, when it closed at 1,314 points.

According to analysts, the rise, in tandem with most bourses worldwide, was spurred on by strong buying of blue chips from local and foreign investors and assuming no untoward incidents from external factors to affect the Malaysian economy, the KLCI could easily go through 1,400 points,” he added.

Las Vegas

One of the top vacation destinations in the world must certainly be cool Las Vegas, Nevada. At least, it's on my must-visit list. Las Vegas spells excitement and fun, lots of fun. Of course, we have our own Las Vegas here in Malaysia. It is our very own Genting Highlands but personally, I feel Las Vegas is way ahead in the fun-o-meter when it comes to a great vacation. Friends who have been there sing praises about it. The atmosphere is really something - electrifying to say the least. There are lots to see and do in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas is such a popular city that many people are flocking there to set up home or looking into owning Las Vegas real estate. It is now possible to buy a home in Las Vegas with zero down payment plus getting a host of free stuff such as free appliances, free granite counter tops, free oversized lots, free oversized garages and there are many types of financial and loan plans to suit your needs.

Book Village in Malacca

Book enthusiasts now have another place to go for books at the Book Village in Malacca. This is the new venue after the one in Langkawi closed its doors and the books have been relocated to the new Book Village. There would be some 35,000 books in the Village. More..

Our body needs cleansing

We take care of many things around us, our routine, our schedule, our home activities, our family, just about everything that revolves around us. Unfortunately, there is one aspect that we often neglect and that is our own health. How many of us live a healthy lifestyle? How many of us cleanse our body to maintain a healthy physical self? Practically a very small percentage of us. Now, there's a simple and effective way to do it with a good Dual Action Cleanse system that gets rid of toxins in our body thus maintaining a cleansed body with clean organs. A healthy body ensures a rewarding lifestyle.

Genting founder turns 90

Is Genting Highlands one of your favourite holiday destinations in Malaysia? Ever wondered whose brainchild it is? The founder is Lim Goh Tong and he recently celebrated his 90th birthday. More...The Star

Gamma Knife Surgery

Gamma Knife Saves Lives

I have friends who are cancer survivors. A number are breast cancer survivors while one is a nose cancer survivor. However, I do not know anyone who has brain cancer but it is good to also know what it is and be aware of the types of treatment there are. Did you know that there's a radiosurgery treatment called Gamma Knife Surgery? A site I found has useful information both for our own knowledge and for sharing with friends and family.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Lower water rates for highrise

Those living in highrise residences will have some good news coming in terms of lower water rates. The new rate would be 57 sen per cu m as opposed to the current RM1.38sen per cu m for apartments and condominiums and 80 sen per cu m for low-cost flats. More..The Star

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Connect appliances with an HMDI switch

I've always marvelled at people who are such experts with electronic or electrical gadgets. With tons of such gadgets around, it's really a wonder how one knows what is what and what plugs into which. Take for instance the HDMI Switch. All I know about it, is that it serves something like a switcboard where multiple HDMI appliances can be connected. And I think this auto switch provides LED display, IR remote control and push button for port selection.

Malaysian places of worship

Malaysia is a multi-racial country and freedom of worship is practised here. When you are in the country, you will come across different places of worship. Islam is the state religion but you will find mosques, Chinese temples, churches, Hindu temples all within close proximity of one another.

Roman blinds

My classmate, Debbie, who has just collected the keys to her new house is all excited about moving in but before that, there's a lot more work to be done. She has been running around checking out stuff including furniture, lightings, paintings, air-conditioners, in fact almost everything new for her new home. She's now at the crossroads wondering as to get curtains or blinds for her windows and she asked for my opinion.

I told her I'm all for blinds, especially roman blinds. I love the pleats on these blinds. They look so pretty and neat and would surely enhance a home, any home. Did you know that there are now DIY roman blinds? They are called Roman Blind Kits and they contain everything you need to make your own roman blinds, including a pre-corded headrail, bars, weighted bottom bar, velocro and roman blind tape and they are at a very good price too.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Lornie Drive aka Jalan Syed Putra

Shaded view: The trees help exude a serene effect to the road.

Does this road look familiar to you? If you have often visited the Midvalley Megamall, you would recognise it. This is Jalan Syed Putra or formerly known as Lornie Drive before the name-change. In the old days, it used to look like the picture below. Yes, KL has come a long way.

Glimpse into the past: An archive photo of Lornie Road during its heyday.

Source: Serene charm on quiet road

A Vacation in Athens

One of the vacation destinations on my must-visit list is Greece and when I think of Greece, Athens comes to mind. It is Spring now and I was told that Spring is the best time to visit Athens as the climate is just perfect and the rates are reasonable. By contrast, the summers are hot in Athens and temperatures can hit as high as 110 deg F. However, some people don't mind the heat and if you happen to be there in summer, you would be wise to be attired in light clothing, bring along a hat, sun block, and a bottle of water everywhere you go.

What's there in Athens you might ask. If you know your history well, you'd know that Athens, named after goddess Athena, is one of the oldest cities in the world with a recorded history of at least 3,000 years according to Wikipedia. All the Greek mythology tales further add enchantment to the city which is the 8th largest conurbation in the world. The one monument that denotes Athens is The Acropolis and needless to say, it is a must-see sight. Athens is not only an ancient city, it is also a cultural center with fine cuisine, theater, and generous Greek hospitality, I read. The 2004 Olympics was held in Athens, if you recall.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Shuttle to the Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT)

Shuttle hub: The shuttle buses pick up and drop off passengers outside the entrance to Subang Parade in front of Digital One.

Folks in and Subang Jaya would be pleased to know of a new shuttle service to and from the Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT) in Sepang. The terminal is located at Subang Parade.

Shuttle service begins as early at 4:45am and the last trip is at 9:30pm. Travel time takes about an hour and passengers are advised to be at Subang Parade at least half an hour before the scheduled departure time. One way is priced at RM9 per passenger.

The service is also provided for passengers from LCCT to Subang Parade.

Source: Subang-LCCT shuttle service..The Star/em>

Saturday, April 07, 2007


PayPerPost has decided to rev things up a little by sponsoring the blogger awards. Any blog can be nominated to a variety of categories. PPP has set up a new site that allows bloggers to vote on the nominations. Two categories I find interesting are "Most Obnoxious Blogger" and "Worst Blog of All Time". Nominations have been made and voting has begun.

The BloggersChoiceAwards - have you placed your votes yet? The blogs you see listed are all nominated by bloggers like yourself. These are blogs that are currently making an impact in the blogosphere. Voting is on now and results will be announced at the PostieCon on June 2. There are no restrictions. You can vote for as many blogs as you like but you can only vote once per blog, per category.

Besides nominating and voting, the site also allows for comments. Anyone can put in comments to any blog. I think this is a wonderful idea as constructive comments can make bloggers improve their blogs raising the overall standard of blogs.

Voting is easy. Just click on the icon on the right next to the nominated blog. For those blogs nominated, blogger-owners can obtain a "Brag Badge" for their blog. Cool!

Formula One

The Formula One races are happening right here in Kuala Lumpur. Felipe Massa continued his momentum from late last season by taking pole position for Sunday's Malaysian Grand Prix. Massa, who led both of Friday's practices in a Ferrari, had a qualifying time of 1 minute, 35.043 seconds Saturday for his fourth career pole and first this season. The Brazilian ended the 2006 season with two straight poles.

The weather has been great. It's extremely hot, in fact, and it was reported that the track temperature which went up to 51°C in the afternoon forced the drivers to go slower.

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Good Friday in Malaysia

Even though Malaysia is an Islamic state, there is freedom of worship. How was Good Friday celebrated in Malaysia?

In Kuala Lumpur, more than 300 parishioners braved the hot afternoon sun to attend a special mass at the Church of St Francis of Assisi in Cheras, here.

Father Valentine Gompok presided over the service while Brother Francis Go Sheau Peng carried the cross during the Way of the Cross procession around the church compound.

Catholics take part in the Way of the Cross procession by stopping and meditating at 14 stations that serve as a reminder of Jesus' suffering and sacrifices for humankind.

Poignant reminder: Brother Go carrying the cross during the Way of the Cross procession around the Church of St Francis of Assisi in Cheras yesterday.

Read how other States celebrate this occasion.

Source: The Star

American Fantasy Football League offers huge pay-out prizes

If Football is your game and you know the ins and outs of the game, here's your chance to win big money. Join the American Fantasy Football League at 2007 General Registration Opens March 15th, 2007! Form your fantasy football team and showcase your skills and win huge pay-out prizes. Want to see the prizes they are offering? Check them out at And if you need some help on drafting, here's a live demo. Signing up is easy and they accept credit card or check.

Please lah, get it right lah! - about Malaysia/KL

I stumbled upon this article about KL comparing it with other cities such as New York, Paris and Los Angeles, and thought I'd reproduce it here as it's such an interesting article. Refreshing.

Please lah, get it right lah!
The Star

WALKING around New York City in the United States for the last couple of days got me to thinking about perceptions and how countries are seen by others.

Growing up, I remember always being aware of how I am seen – not as an individual but more as part of a group. For example, the mid to late 90s Bangsar was trendy, fun and most of all affluent. Yet, for someone who has lived in the area all my life, I used to take offence – and perhaps still do – at that perception.

“Happening? Those pubs were built over empty land I used to run around at, you know?” and “Please lah, when my father bought the house, not even RM100,000?” were my defence lines when people spoke of Bangsar as the most happening area of KL or referred to it as a “rich man’s area”.

Aglow: A file picture of the Empire State Building in New York.

While I still stick to my defence, I now also realise how petty an argument it is. Why not accept it for what it’s worth? Yes, it is a “cool, happening place” (much less now but nevertheless) and sure, the price of property has increased so I suppose mum and dad are worth a little bit more than they used to be.

NYC doesn’t have such problems. I was just talking to my American friend a couple of days ago who asked me what I thought of the city. I said the thing that captured me most was how accurate the perceptions of it is compared to some other cities.

Take Paris, for instance, or even Los Angeles. The former is often labelled the city of romance yet, unless you’re atop the Eiffel Tower at night, it’s easy to fail to see how beautiful it really is.

Los Angeles, on the other hand, or more specifically Hollywood Boulevard, is not as glitzy as I imagined it to be. In fact, the street only becomes glamorous a couple of times a year when the red carpet is rolled out for awards shows right in front of it.

NYC on the other hand is exactly how it’s portrayed in the mass media. Television series such as Sex & The City and Friends have immortalised the city.

Remember how hard it was for someone even like Samantha to get a table at a restaurant? Or how the only way to get attention in the city is to pretend you own a Porsche (think Joey from Friends).

Even the cold nights in NYPD Blue where shifty looking people roam the streets, taxi drivers scream at each other and smoke comes out of the manholes are all true.

Of course, not everything is negative. Believe it or not, I was taken aback by the warmth of the people (even the ones who look like the conventional thugs), the efficiency of the city and mostly, the worldliness.

Which makes me wonder what they all think about me and my country. Ten years ago, when the Internet became popular, I remember chatting to many people online who were surprised by the fact that someone from Malaysia had Internet access.

“Don’t you guys still live on trees,” I recall one person asking.

Then there’s the “I can't believe you speak such good English.”

These people obliviously didn’t know I speak Bahasa Malaysia and Cantonese too and that the average Malaysian speaks an average of two to three languages.

I used to take offence but there’s also a part of me that feels that we can’t completely blame them. Most Americans, and I’m sure many people from other parts of the world, had little to refer to when it came to our country.

Yet, we grew up watching movies that told us again and again what these people were like.

Perhaps things are changing. More and more Malaysian movies are being recognised globally. Sure, it’s only to a smaller audience at film festivals but that sure is a start.

What would be nice, however, is if these movies continued to portray Malaysia as the country that it really is – with both the good and the bad.

Because that is exactly what made it nice for me when walking around, demystifying this city, figuring out what was real and what wasn’t. I’d like to think that soon, all visitors to Malaysia would be able to do the same.

An effective diet pill, Neuslim Diet Pill

Obesity is a serious concern. Even our government has stressed the need that the people should take steps to watch their eating habits which partly is the cause of obesity. On a personal level, obesity not only is unhealthy, it doesn't make a person look good. Luckily, I do not have this problem but a few of my friends do and they are lamenting that despite all their efforts, including signing up for weight loss programs, the weight still keeps piling up!

I think they should try Nueslim Diet Pill. From the many positive testimonials on their website, I'm sure this is an effective product and best of all, it has a life-time money back guarantee. Now how many diet products you know have this life-time money back guarantee? Plus, for this proven product, the price is unbelievable. It's only at $9.95 per bottle. I can't wait to tell my friends about Nueslim Diet Pills and hear their success stories later on.

Do you have a weight problem too? Neuslim Diet Pill is definitely worth a try if you need to lose some weight.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Indonesia Visa fees have increased

The new Visa fees for all nationalities are as follows:

1. Transit Visa = RM75

2. Single Entry Visa = RM150

3. Multiple-entry Visa = RM375

4. Limited/Temporary stay Visa (Visa Tinggal Terbatas)
a) 6 months = RM190
b) 12 months = RM375
c) 24 months = RM660

UAE bans entry of poultry products

You may be interested to know that poultry products, including meat, eggs, and feathers or any other poultry products or remains have been banned from being brought into the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The banned item will be confiscated by the Ministry of Environment & Water and the Customs Department and a fine imposed on any passenger violating this decision.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

WomanSavers to the rescue

Spread the word around that there is a database that lists over 25,000 men's names whose owners could have been cheating husbands, cheating boyfriends, or abusive men. This is the World's Largest Database Rating Abusive and Cheating Men

Ladies, before you date any man, just remember to check the database. This is for your own safety. is in the top 10% most popular women's websites and has lots of information that serves as a good reference and guide for women. You can get free medical and women's abuse advice and other free stuff like women's cartoon games, ecards, quizzes, women stories and an abuse recovery message board. Check it out.

Government offices to open from 7.30am to 5.30pm

As reported in The Star today, all government offices will open half-an-hour earlier and close 30 minutes later from June.

However, civil servants will not be required to work longer hours. Instead, they will clock in for work at three different times – from 7.30am till 4.30pm, from 8am till 5pm, and from 8.30am till 5.30pm.

In effect, the offices will be open from 7.30am to 5.30pm.

Currently, government offices in Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya open from 7.30am to 5.30pm with a lunch break between 1pm and 2pm. On Fridays, the lunch break is between 12.15pm and 2.45pm.
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