Friday, November 05, 2010

Our First Skiing Adventure

Guest post written by Gale Slatus

Last night my husband and I had a very productive conversation. Since we retired, we haven’t done anything too out of the ordinary…which is a shame, since now we have all the time in the time in the world to! I sit in the easy chair and read my favorite novels, while Daniel fixes up the house, does his crafts. Something about our lifestyle really is making me feel old lately, and the truth is I never felt that way until we stopped working. Last night, I walked up to Daniel while he was looking for new hearing aids on and I told him that we really need to get out and do something special, something that’ll really take advantage of this free time.

Come to find out, Daniel felt just like I did. We sat down and thought about things we always wanted to do. Daniel always wanted to try skiing, and I decided it would be fun, as well. We spent an hour finding accommodations online, and we booked at an exciting ski resort in Vermont. Our trip should definitely put a little more excitement in our lives when we get on the slope for the first time.

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