Friday, June 24, 2011

From Acid cigars to CAO cigars and more..Cigar Place

If you are a cigar afficionado, chances are you would have already know about this cigar site. If not, Cigar Place would certainly be a good new cigar site to add on to your bookmarks.

Touted as The Best Place to Buy Cigars, their list of top quality cigars will surely impress you. For ease of access, all cigars are listed in alphabetically order from Acid cigars to Camacho Havana to Gurkha Ancient Warrior to J. Fuego Delirium and more. If you are looking for CAO cigars, you can find a range of CAO cigars here.

At Cigar Place, all manner of cigars are available. You can find Samplers, Small cigars, Flavored cigars, Bundles, Limited editions, Specials, even Name Brand 2nds. Check them all out. Some of them are going fast with the kind of discounts they are offering. Get them for yourself or they even make great gifts for friends, business associates and family.

Looking for accessories to go along with your cigar purchase? There is a wide range of accessories here from simple to fanciful ashtrays, cutters & punchers, to humidifiers, lighters and hygrometers and more gizmos and gadgets. Need a cigar humidor? They have humidors too to help you store cigars and other tobacco products at a constant level of humidity.

Why is Cigar Place the shop of choice? They guarantee Complete Privacy & Security, 24-hour turnaround and the Best prices! And to top it all, they guarantee something called "Two Cigars" meaning that they guarantee the freshness and quality of their products 100%. If you are not satisfied after smoking two cigars you purchase from them, they will offer you an exchange and pay all shipping costs. If that is not satisfactory, they will refund all money including shipping costs. There, what's not to love about shopping here at Cigar Place!

Get exclusive offers and free cigars by signing up for their Newsletter. Other offers include 1st of the month $1 shipping, Free stuff Friday, Early Bird Special, and more. Cigar Place - you'd want to hang out here!

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Buy cigars said...

My husband bought some cigars in Mexico to smoke on the beach, and we loved them! We wanted to buy some this weekend, and I was wondering where you can get them in a store. Where can I buy a decent cheap cigar in a store?

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