Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman (Jalan TAR)

New features are being added to Jalan TAR, like this area dedicated to art

If you are in Kuala Lumpur, do make a trip to Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman or popularly referred to by locals as Jalan TAR. Jalan TAR, or Batu Road, as it was known in the 1960s, is still very much the city's shopping destination.

It is a colourful place that is popular for its mix of textiles, fabrics and carpets.

Added to these are the sounds of street musicians playing oldies at its sidewalks.

Old “stalwarts'' like Central Shoe, P. Lal Store, Coliseum, Lee Wong Kee and Tang Ling still make their presence felt as they did years ago.

Central Shoe Sdn Bhd, for instance, on 1.98km is a place to go to for shoppers in search of footwear.

Another familiar name in Jalan TAR is Coliseum, a restaurant that has stood the test of time since 1921. It is busy during lunch hour and is popular for its palatable Western selection.

Another old and familiar outlet is the A&W restaurant, the first fast food chain that opened in 1963.

Coliseum Cinema is a prominent building in Jalan TAR

Picture source: The Star

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