Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Immigration Dept issues I-Kad for Foreigners

Malaysia has come a long way from the colonial days under British rule through independence to currently a progressive nation of a multi-racial people. Malaysia will be celebrating her 50 years of independence come August 31.

Progress has seen improved infrastructure and facilities including education as more and more institutions of higher learning are collaborating with foreign universities to expand the education system. As Malaysia is a peaceful country, this together with the good education system has attracted many foreign students. This number has swelled to almost two million.

To ensure the country's safety for her own people as well as for visitors, Malaysia has introduced an identity card for foreigners who come here to study or work. Called I-Kad, the sophisticated card has 17 security features and the colour represents the sector the holder is in. Foreigners here to study or work will be easily “identified” under a new high-security, colour-coded card system.

In addition to the I=Kad, from June 1, foreign students could apply for their visas online when the Student E-Pass system becomes fully operational.

Under the E-Pass system, students can also check if the programmes they are interested in are accredited.

For more information, visit The Star...Immigration Dept issues I-Kad

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