Saturday, November 05, 2005

Retirees can take out EPF dividend

An interesting letter I found in The Star on the EPF dividend
is reproduced below:

Retiress can take out EPF dividend
We refer to the letter, "Allow retirees to withdraw annual
dividend" (Sunday Star, Oct 30).

The Employees Provident Fund would like to clarify that there
is already an existing scheme that allows retirees to draw
only their annual dividends and leave the principal amount
with the EPF.

This scheme was introduced in 1982 and is open to all members
who have reached 55 years.

V.K.Chin's Comment article "Don't treat the EPF like savings
account, (The Star, Oct 26) reflects a greater concern for
Malaysians to become more aware of their individual
responsibility to play a role in planning for their retirement

EPF members who want to know more about the organisation, its
benefits and services can visit the website at
or contact our call centre at 03-8732 6000.

Senior Manager, Public Relations,
Employees Provident Fund.
Kuala Lumpur

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