Saturday, July 23, 2011

Where to Buy Pepper Spray

Taking steps to ensure personal safety must be a top priority in this time and age. Why be or why feel vulnerable when everyone can protect oneself? Whether you are going to the park for exercise, or you're commuting to and from work, you can equip yourself.

Non-lethal options such as personal safety sprays and stun guns are an essential component in staying safe. Friends have been wondering as to where one can buy such products especially the handy pepper spray. I hear pepper sprays are not legal for use here in Malaysia but I've reason to believe they can be found in women's purses nevertheless. Hey, a woman's got to protect herself! So, here's a source. Sabre Red offers a variety of products for self-defense, including OC spray, bear spray (for hikers, campers, hunters and outdoorsmen), and mace spray.

Sabre Red offers the most potent pepper spray on the market. When you buy pepper spray through Sabre Red, you're guaranteed more sprays per container and a more potent solution than any of the competitors' sprays. Also, most Sabre Red’s pepper sprays contain a marking dye that shows up under UV light, making it easy for police to identify attackers after they have been incapacitated.

Sabre Red has won multiple awards and gained multiple certifications for its fine array of mace spray, OC sprays, and stun guns. If you're asking Why Pepper Spray?, here's a video to watch..


Anonymous said...

Mace pepper spray could be purchase legally at Cheras Tesco Malaysia , 1U at Outpost Uniform shop. and they have 22 outlet nationwide.

Check out their FB:-

HappySurfer said...

Hi! Thank you for sharing this useful information.

Anonymous said...

Here's another reliable local source.

leeshink said...

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Lee Shin

sw said...

just wanna share a great pepper spray in malaysia--> STOPER PEPPER SPRAY:

1. the only pepper spray with ISO certificate in Malaysia

2. Far more effective and spicy! the OC content is 5.8%, 0.8% higher than US pepper spray, 3 times higher than china imitation pepper spray!

3. Legal to carry! Permitted by PDRM.

4. Secured under insurance! If your pepper spray fails to function during emergency, then up to 1 millions insurance may be claimed! No any other pepper spray dare to give this promise, right?

There is a promotion price available now! Grab it now:

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