Thursday, August 07, 2008

A Book on Malaysia

Are you planning to visit Malaysia and need to know what to expect? Or probably you are a Malaysian and are looking for a reference book on Malaysia?

There is just the book I can recommend. It is a newly-published book complete with all aspects of Malaysia anyone looking for information on Malaysia would need.

The book is titled "50+1 Malaysia". In it, you will find information on the Malaysian culture, the local lingo, the food available here, places to visit, events to attend, famous Malaysian personalities and lots more.

For a limited time only, the book is being offered online for a mere RM19.90, usual price being RM51/-. For the amount of information in it, this sale price is indeed a steal. I have got my copy, don't delay, get yours for this great value price!

Read the review of 50+1 Malaysia and order a copy here.

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