Saturday, September 06, 2008

A&W Special combo for Ramadan

What comes to mind when you think of A&W? Coney Dog and root beer, right? These are still available, of course, but this Ramadan, the fast food restaurant chain is introducing something different. It's their latest combo offering, dubbed the A&W Citarasa Ramadan.

The combo comprises two dishes specially prepared for the whole of September. The first item of the combo is a rice dish, with accompaniments of kurma (dates), salad, masak lemak daging salai (beef), and a regular mug of their famous Root Beer.

Cooked with herbs and spices, the masak lemak daging salai is hygienically prepared to ensure its fresh and authentic taste. Spicy gravy is drizzled over the rice to give it the added oomph.

This dish is priced at RM7.50.

If you would like something extra you can order the combo’s second dish — the Chicken Satay.

The serving of four sticks of satay comes with sides like French fries, cucumber, and peanut gravy.

If you order the main rice dish, you can have this Chicken Satay for a top-up price of RM4.70.

The Chicken Satay alone as an ala carte dish is at RM5.30.

Both dishes are available throughout the day, including Buka and Sahur.

Source: The Star...Special combo for Ramadan

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