Saturday, October 17, 2009

Durian, the King of Fruits

A first-time visitor to Malaysia may be fascinated by this thorny fruit called durian. This fruit is our King of Fruits. To Malaysians, it tastes like heaven but to foreigners, it smells like hell. LOL!

The odor of durians can be quite (understatement) unbearable for those who are not used to the odor. A whiff of it may send one scurrying to escape the overpowering aroma.

Durians are not allowed in hotels so you can be rest-assured that you will not be bombarded by this funky smell of the King of Fruit in the comfort of the hotel.

Check out Nat Geo's amusing coverage of the fruit.


CheaHS@n said...

smells 'bad' but taste good..yummy, my dad would love it "wong yoke kon pau oh - hakka"

Peter Pan said...

I don't like it anyway !
I don't go that far to do lots of things for removing the smell & enjoying the taste! I'm not generally that much hungry :))

HappySurfer said...

CheahSan, that's the type I like too.

Peter Pan, you have tried it? Very few foreigners can stand the aroma of this fruit. No trouble at all for us, locals. We just let the smell go away by itself though it may take a few days in a confined aircond place.

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