Sunday, March 04, 2012

Wrought Iron Doors, Gates, Fences and More

As reported by CNN, according to the National Weather Service in Dallas-Fort Worth, an estimate of between six and 13 tornadoes may have touched down in Dallas, Arlington and the surrounding area Tuesday. Crews were still surveying damage across the area when estimation was given.

Damage done by the violent tornadoes was extensive. About 200 homes were destroyed and 650 were damaged in northern Texas after the storms tore through one of the nation's largest metropolitan areas. With wind speed estimated to have been as high as 150 miles per hour in the town, one can expect the kind of damage as a result. A house couldn't have stood the impact, let alone metal railings.

Talk about metal railings, if you are in the market for wrought iron works including doors, gates, fences, or even lanterns, you may want to check out San Miguel Ironworks.

San Miguel Ironworks manufactures uniquely beautiful and original wrought iron entry doors, gates, railings and lanterns. They work directly with homeowners, architects, builders, and designers to create lasting works of art in ornamental metal which grace many of the finest homes in the Southwest.

Browse their gallery for design ideas to create your own personal expressions of style for your residence or your business premise. San Miguel Ironworks has a wide selection of custom wrought iron entry doors and wrought iron gates and fences. Looking for a wrought cellar door? They have that too and come in many designs as well. Planning to remodel your home? Why not check out their designs on metal railings and balconies. Add lanterns too for that warm feel to a home.

Other accessories including window grilles, pot holders and table stands are also available. If you would like an immediate purchase, they also have ready-made, available-for-immediate-purchase wrought iron doors and wine cellar doors. Call for more information.

San Miguel Ironworks is renowned for their top quality works of art and stands out among the others. The site ranks high on search engines. If you just key in the search-term 'iron doors dallas' on Google, the site appears among the top on Page 1 of the search results. Don't just take my word for it, try searching for it.

Why wait? Call them today for a free consultation about creating your dream entrance, one that will warmly welcome your family, friends and guests to your home for years to come.

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