Monday, August 13, 2012

Smoking ban in Jonker Walk and Jalan Kota

Jonker Walk and Jalan Kota, major tourist attractions in Malacca, have been gazetted smoke-free zones.

Smoking indoors or outdoors including entertainment outlets at the two locations are strictly prohibited.

Smokers risk being fined RM5,000 if caught puffing along the streets in the historic city.

A signboard has been put up next to the Tan Kim Seng bridge near the entrance of Jonker Walk to remind smokers. A bin has been placed below the signboard for disposal of cigarettes. More signboards will be put up along Jonker Walk.

The authorities are in the process of getting permission from the Heritage Department for Jalan Kota to be smoke-free as it is located in the heritage core zone.

Source: The Star..Malacca bans smoking in Jonker Walk and Jalan Kota

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