Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Flood fury

The yearly monsoon season is anticipated with much fearful
apprehension as it normally comes with hardship and loss to
man and property as a result of flooding. This year, it is
no different.

From news reports today, the flood situation in the northern states seems to be worsening.

Hope the situation improves fast so that people can get back
to their normal life with Christmas barely a week away, school
reopening in two weeks and the Chinese New Year fast approaching
in late January. The cleanup will take much effort. Be strong, people.

UNDER WATER: Aerial view of a partially submerged Jitra and its surrounding areas in Kedah on Monday. - Bernamapic


@ロウ 。LOW@ said...

Re-make of Katrina? Even if it's truely unlucky, i still think lucky it comes after Raya.

Now i prayed the best for their paddy fields. That's the real big blow for Kedahan, and Malaysian as a whole!

kelly said...

Low, you're right about the paddy fields. This must be the worst ever flood.

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