Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Formule One in Malaysia

Last weekend, Kuala Lumpur was abuzz with activity because it was the venue Formula One Grand Prix and look who came to town.

A Ferrari fan all dressed up as a Roman soldier complete with a Trojan helmet, a sword and a mock prancing horse attached to his costume, property developer, Kwai Hau, was definitely a sight to behold at the Formula 1 last Sunday. The horse was to symbolise the logo of his favourite team.

Hau, who’s originally from Hong Kong and currently living in Britain, became an instant “celebrity” when he arrived at the Sepang circuit's mall area.

He was stopped by many F1 fans for pictures as they were amused by his costume.

Hau said he would usually dress up in interesting costumes to add to the excitement.

“Last year, I was in a car. This year, my friends made me this costume,” said Hau, who has been an F1 fan since 1983.

Source: The Star

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