Thursday, October 30, 2008

Carlsberg Football Web-TV

Wow! The Internet is sure getting better and better. We can now watch football on a dedicated channel.

Yes, Carlsberg has just launched its very own Web-TV channel on football. The site has five different channels showing everything about football. Everything a football fan loves and loves to see about football can be seen on this Carlsberg web-tv football channel. If you have missed a classic football game and would like to play catch-up, you can now do that. Just go to your favourite video clip and either be in the know or relive your sweet football memories watching your favourite team winning that trophy or that important match.

By the way, there is an added feature to this web-tv channel. You can even upload your own favorite football moments into your very own compilation of your favorite video clips.

Carlsberg web-tv : : Football : web tv - the best channel yet for any football fan.


Pete said...

Tech is moving so fast these days. I wonder what will be the next in thing! Have a nice weekend.

Happysurfer said...

It sure is. Scary in a way.

You have a nice weekend too, Pete.

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