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Breakfast in and around Kuala Lumpur

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. You know you would have a great day if you've had a wonderful breakfast.

What is a real breakfast then? Everyone has his or her own ideals and expectations but see if you too agree with this definition from Denny's Restaurant in the US.

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Having read that and if you are on a visit to Malaysia, you would no doubt be able to experience all the things stated on Denny's definition of breakfast.

Now, with the many restaurants and cafes in big towns and cities in Malaysia offering affordable breakfast sets in a homey environment, there is no excuse (for visitors and locals alike) to skip that most important meal of the day.

The bigger establishments even offer free wi-fi connection, so on a lazy Sunday morning, you could bring your laptop along and log on while enjoying breakfast, just like you would in the comfort of your own home.

At McDonald’s, for example, they offer free refills of coffee and tea which is included in the breakfast meal set.

For only RM4, enjoy a Sausage McMuffin, which is grilled chicken sausage with cheese in a lightly toasted English muffin and McDonald’s Premium Roast Coffee, made with Arabica beans. How blissful is that?

And if you arrive into KL via KL Sentral, Swiss Oven at KL Sentral serves freshly brewed tea and Arabica bean coffee while the croissants are freshly baked every day. You've got to try their to-die-for scrambled eggs. Set 2 on their breakfast menu is a popular choice among foreign customers. It consists of croissant with scrambled eggs and for only RM4.90.

For most people, breakfast is normally a meal to be had at home.

For the rest, especially those rushing to get to work in the morning, it can be eaten on the go (a sandwich while on the way to work, for example) or in coffee shops and other food outlets, and there are many out there here in Malaysia.

Here are some restaurants and cafes in the Klang Valley that offer delicious and affordable breakfast that Sunday Metro has put together

Shiok Kopitiam,
YMCA Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur

Breakfast is from 7am to noon

Available breakfast sets daily at RM5.

·Set 1: Kaya butter toast and Omega soft-boiled eggs and a choice of drink

·Set 2: Jam butter toast, orange juice and one other drink

·Set 3: Western set (baked beans, sunny side up eggs, a sausage and toast) and a choice of drink

The breakfast set menu is different daily and other sets include pancakes, fried noodles and nasi lemak. Drink selections are white coffee, milk tea and orange juice.


Breakfast is available from 4am to 11am

Breakfast McValue Meal comes with Premium Roast Coffee (M) and hash browns.

·Sausage McMuffin with egg RM8.50

·Filet-O-Fish RM8.60

·Big breakfast RM9.80

·Egg McMuffin RM8

·Hotcakes (two pieces) RM9.10

Beloved: Malaysians’ popular breakfast, kopi, toast and half-boiled eggs.

OldTown White Coffee

Breakfast is served from 8am to 11am

Tel: 03-8061 5411

Breakfast comes with a cup of kopi-o or black tea (hot/cold)

·My toast set RM3.90

Kaya and butter toast (single), Omega soft-bolied eggs

·My Meehoon set RM3.90

Meehoon Siam

·My nasi set RM4.90

Nasi lemak classic

·My noodle set RM4.90

Fried noodle

·My Western set RM5.90

Swiss Oven
KL Sentral, Kuala Lumpur

Hearty: Croissant and scrambled eggs from Set 2.

Breakfast is from 7am to 11am

Tel: 03-2260 3711

The breakfast set here is served with freshly brewed coffee or tea (small). The cafe only uses Arabica bean coffee and croissants are freshly baked daily.

·Set 1: Croissant (RM3.90)

·Set 2: Croissant and scrambled eggs (RM4.90)

·Set 3: Muffin (RM4.90)

·Set 4: Baguette with butter and kaya (RM4.90)

·Set 5: French toast (RM5.90)

·Set 6: Sausage and sunny side up egg (RM5.90)

·Set 7: Sausage, egg and beef bacon (RM6.90)

·Set 8: Sausage, sunny side up egg and baked beans (RM6.90)

Free delivery within KL Sentral. Catering services available within KL Sentral area.

Jaya One, Petaling Jaya

Wholesome: The American breakfast at Tappers, Jaya 1.

Breakfast is from 8am to 11pm

Tel: 03-7958 3198

The sets are served with a choice of freshly brewed coffee, tea, lemon tea or lime juice.

·English breakfast: Sausage, beef bacon, two eggs, mushrooms, tomato and toast (RM7.80)

·American breakfast: Sausage, beef bacon, two eggs and two pancakes (RM7.80)

·Eggs and toast set: Two half-boiled Omega eggs with kaya and butter toast (RM5.50)

·French toast set: French toast served with honey and sugar (RM4.50)

·Pancake set: Three pieces of pancakes served with maple syrup (RM6)

Little Ben Cafe,
Kota Kemuning, Shah Alam

Breakfast is from 8am to 11am

Tel: 03-5121 0151

All sets are priced at RM2.90 nett and served with a glass of lemon slice water.

·Monday: Bitter gourd rice noodles soup

·Tuesday: Roti jagung

·Wednesday: Chicken floss porridge

·Thursday: Sandwiches (tuna fish or chicken breast meat with mayonnaise)

·Friday: Double match (kuey tiaw and rice noodles)

·Saturday: Honey and darling pancakes

·Sunday: Nasi pandan

Teh Tarik Place
IOI Mall, Puchong

Breakfast is from 8am to 12.30pm

Tel: 03-7726 6380

·Teh Tarik Breakfast: Toast with two half boiled eggs and teh tarik or coffee (RM5)

·Teh Tarik Big Breakfast: Nasi Lemak with whole egg and teh tarik or coffee (RM5.50).

Source: The Star

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