Sunday, May 30, 2010

Penang Street Food - Kimberly Street

Penang is primarily famous for two things, synonymous even. One, is the beaches along Batu Ferringhi, the other is her street food, mainly Chinese in origin.

Anyone visiting Penang will not go hungry as spread out all over the island are eateries that serve all kinds of street fare. These food specialities have been around for generations and are still enjoyed by locals and visitors alike.

One such place is Kimberly Street. According to Helen Ong of The Star, this long, one-way street in the heart of George Town’s Chinatown transforms into a street food paradise from mid-afternoon.

During the day, it is just another of George Town’s many busy old roads with the inevitable eateries.

Mid-afternoon, however, the middle section, particularly near the Lebuh Cintra junction, transforms into a wonderful street food paradise which goes on till they sell out in the late evening. Scattered around three or four kopitiams lining both sides of the narrow road, the brightly-lit stalls offer all types of local delights.

Among the street food found here is the famous Penang Char kway teow which is flat rice noodles stir-fried with lots of chopped garlic flavoured with soy sauces whose ingredients include egg, bean sprouts, chives, prawns, Chinese sausages, cockles (optional) and pork rinds/scratchings.

Another popular street food served here is the Hokkien fried mee. Others include a variety of other types of fried noodles, Duck Kuey Chap, desserts, and many more.

Penang is not dubbed a food paradise for nothing.

Source: Come to Kimberly Street..

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