Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My First Trip to Las Vegas

This was guest posted by Mark Rogerts

I was excited. My wife and I were going to Las Vegas. Neither of us had been there before, which was cool because then we both had our own expectations on what the city would be like. I imagined neon lights and the sounds of slot machines while my wife pictured tall buildings and famous people.

We packed our bags into our car and went into the house to make sure we hadn’t forgotten anything. There’s no worse feeling than getting halfway to the airport and realizing you forgot your wallet or a certain pair of shoes you wanted to bring. Everything looked good, I think we had everything we wanted to take. I set our brand new ADT Home Security alarm and we were off to Vegas.

Once we arrived at the airport in Las Vegas I got us a cab to take us to our hotel. The hotel was on the other end of the famous “Strip” so we got to see all the famous hotels we’d heard about, but had never seen before. My wife’s and my expectations both turned out to be true as we went up (or down, I’m not really sure) Las Vegas Boulevard.

There was definitely tall buildings and there were billboards advertising shows by all kinds of famous people. There were neon lights everywhere. And I mean everywhere. There was no need for any other kind of lighting because the neon lights lit everything up. And one time our cab stopped at a stop light and I could actually hear people playing the slot machines. It was amazing.

Just walk the Strip and you can spend two days doing free things. This is definitely the most unique place I have ever been. Both my wife and I had the trip of our lives.

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