Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Wireless Systems

Here is a site for you if you are looking for a point to point wireless network solution or a ptmp network system.

Winncom Technologies is a worldwide distributor and provider of complete networking solutions, wireless and wired. Their unmatched expertise in broadband wireless networking products and full range of network infrastructure and access products by the leading industry manufacturers allows them to sell their products and provide complete solutions for various markets and applications.

Their product range includes accessories, antennas, cables and cable assemblies, Licensed and Unlicensed wireless point to point systems, MESH wireless equipment, and many more. Customers can shop products by category or shop products by manufacturer and they do have a long list of manufacturers they get their products from. Browse the site for the list.

If it's networking solutions you are interested, you can shop by solution type on the website. Winncom Technologies has expertise in many different networking solutions including Commercial Wifi Wireless LAN (including "Hot Spots"), Unlicensed and Licensed Bands Backhaul Point-to-Point, Proprietary Broadband Point-to-Multipoint, WiMAX Broadband Point-to-Multipoint and Security & Surveillance.

Winncom Technologies also provides Engineering services including Point-to-Point link calculation, Indoor Wifi LAN Planner Analysis and others. Financial services are also available including Extended Payment Terms, Equipment Leasing, Credit Card Options and Electronic Payment.

Why not check out their website and sign up for their Newsletter to get the Winncom scoop for the best deals.

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