Sunday, May 29, 2011

Steel storage cabinets, the better storage solution

Being in the tropics, Malaysia has a high humidity with high rainfall. This makes the atmosphere here damp with a high probability of bugs and insect infestation in homes and gardens. The answer to safe storage of items is steel cabinets. Durability of storage cabinets is another plus factor if you choose steel storage cabinets.

Durham is where you would want to check out if you are looking into steel cabinets either for your home or for your business premise.

Durham, founded in 1922 has developed into one of the leading producers of metal and plastic products for packaging, storage, organization of maintenance products as well as heavy duty material handling equipment, storage and workstations.

Headquartered in Durham, Connecticut, Durham's state-of-the-art manufacturing and distribution facilities totaling over a quarter of a million square feet and produce products that provide solutions for industrial storage, material handling, shelving and racks as well as work stations and work benches. First aid boxes and cabinets and safety products are also available.

When it comes to safekeeping and protection of assets, a metal cabinet wins hands-down over any flammable storage cabinet. It pays to choose wisely.

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