Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Purse organizers and purse hangers make great gifts

These are pill boxes. Pretty, aren't they? Pill boxes have been around for a long time, but never before have they been so fashionable. When it comes to pill boxes, usually women keep them hidden but these pill boxes are ones to be shown off.

Silverhooks is a unique boutique that stocks a wide selection of pill boxes that come in various designs including glitter, fuzzy, confetti, croc, metallic and paisley. There are round ones, rectangular ones, perfect squares, ovals, key chain types and the slightly longish 7-day pill holders. There really is a wide choice that it may be a good idea to get several. They make nice gifts too for a change.

Wallets are actually the mainstay of Silverhooks. Here is a great stop for all things wallets. especially womens wallets. You can find a variety of Classic wallets, Designer wallets, Clutch wallets and Closeout wallets here in this unique boutique. They come in a range of pricing, colors, material and brand. Browse the website for some great discounts on selected items.

Prices start from as low as $10. Bulk prices are also available. For Classic wallets, there is a range of more than 20 different colors - from aqua to gold, silver, hot pink, teal and yellow and more. One would be spoilt for choice! Material types include canvas, faux croc, faux leather, genuine leather and others.

Designer wallets available at Silverhooks include Buxton, Kenneth Cole New York, Disney, Hello Kitty, Calvin Klein and many others. Buxton has been making high quality personal leather goods for over a century. With Buxton's long tradition of innovation, much has changed since 1898. Products such as the Wizard Wallet and the Deluxe Card Case offer an ease and functionality to the consumer without sacrificing the fashionable appeal.

Do you have a problem with where to place your purse when dining out? Most of us place our purse on a chair and if none is available, we leave our purse on the floor. For hygiene reasons, this is not encouraged. A purse hanger is the ideal solution. Silverhooks has a large selection of classic purse hanger designs. The range includes Classic purse hangers, Crystal purse hangers, Bracelet purse hangers, Folding purse hangers, even Limited editions, and more. Purse hangers make great gifts for girlfriends. Get them in Packages for a better price. Check them out. There are deep discounts for selected items.

Check out the Silverhooks website. You can find many other products in addition to womens wallets, pill boxes and purse hangers. Travel-related products are also available including cellular accessories, umbrellas, luggage tags, first aid emergency kits, passport covers, photo albums and frames and many others. You can also find Apparel accessories such as hats, scarves, belts, sunglasses and so forth. Crystal-covered products are also available including crystal flasks, crystal phone straps, crystal photo-frames, crystal perfume and lipstick cases and more. The website is very easy to navigate with all items listed in the appropriate categories. Another user-friendly feature they have is the rollover photo capability which allows you to browse the item up-close. If you are in the US, it's free shipping everyday for orders above $50.

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