Thursday, July 07, 2011

Fertility Preservation by Sperm or Egg Storage

Advancement in science and technology has brought about many aspects of life that were not possible say twenty years ago. One big breakthrough in science today is Fertility Preservation. What this means is that we can now preserve our fertility or family lineage, so to speak, by having our sperms, eggs and embryos stored.

FertileFuture is a California Cryobank program that involves among other services, Embryo/Egg Storage and Sperm Storage. People consider storing their eggs and sperms in a bank for various reasons. One of them is due to cancer whereby sperms and eggs can be stored before treatment begins. Another reason for sperm banking or egg and embyro banking being cost of having sperms or eggs/embryos stored in a more expensive IVF clinic. Embryo storage services at Cryobank California are available through their Los Angeles headquarters office. They will arrange for the shipment of your embryos from anywhere in the U.S. to their Los Angeles office.

Besides Sperm Storage, Egg Storage and Embryo Storage, California Cryobank provides many other services including Andrology that involves Semen Analysis, Cultures and Specimen Preparation for Fertility Procedures. Other services include Directed Donor program, Genetic consultation, Stem cells programs and others.

Would you like to know more about fertility or perhaps How Cancer Can Affect a Man's Fertility? Check out the California Cryobank website. It has useful information on Cancer and Fertility and more. California Cryobank also provides financial assistance to patients in need. If you would like to know more about what they do, here is a video that will give you a better understanding.

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