Friday, November 25, 2011

Green Fundraising for the Environment

Are you planning to organize a fundraiser and looking for ideas and products? How about making it a nature fundraiser? Nowadays, with people being more aware of environmental issues, green fundraising not only generates the funds for their favorite charities or causes but also creates awareness at the same time. Companies who sell fundraiser products do also channel part of their proceeds to organizations tackling green issues.

Nature's Vision Fundraising is one such company that channels a portion of their profits to environmental causes including donating to Gulf Coast restoration projects, nature conservation projects and efforts to support a sustainable future for our planet.

Nature's Vision Fundraising carries top quality green fundraising products, a breathtaking array of environmentally-themed products with universal appeal including soft cotton t-shirts and hats, towels & towel ponchos, candles, jewelry items, wallets, bags, mugs & sports bottles, handmade gift items, candles & diffusers, flower bulbs & seed mats. Most of these items make great goodybag items if you are organizing a fundraiser that involves giving away a goodybag to each participant such as in a Charity Walk or a Charity Run. Their quality green fundraiser tee shirts are made from premium quality pre-shrunk 100% cotton. Their Animal Planet tees are a giant hit with people or all ages.

Need ideas for fundraisers for schools? You can find them here too on the Nature's Vision Fundraising website. With a 30-year experience in the green fundraising industry they have earned a sterling reputation as a leader by helping thousands of organizations meet or exceed their fundraising goals.

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