Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Metal storage cabinets for safe and secure storage

Cabinets, specifically metal cabinets, are ideal when it comes to safe and secure storage. Clutter, be it at home or in the office, builds up over time, all the time. Promptly putting away items, big or small, is the first thing to do and a good habit to pick up if clutter is to be avoided to maintain an uncluttered and neat home or work environment.

If you are looking for metal storage cabinets, Durham Manufacturing is definitely the place to check out. Durham is synonymous with top quality heavy-duty metal cabinets being in the business since 1922. They have built a sterling reputation as one of the top producers and distributors specializing in industrial metal and plastic products used in packaging, storing, and organizing maintenance products including small parts storage.

If industrial metal storage cabinets are what you have in mind, you have come to the right place. Their selection of industrial storage products include industrial-duty 16-gauge metal cabinets, heavy-duty 14-gauge steel cabinets and extra-heavy-duty 12-gauge steel storage cabinets. They all come with high security locking provisions. Heavy-duty space-saving bi-fold door steel cabinets are also an integral part of their product line.

Durham Manufacturing also produces heavy-duty pegboard steel cabinets, janitorial metal storage cabinets, and heavy-duty extra-wide bin cabinets adaptable to a variety of uses within many workspaces. Additional components for their cabinets are also available and the include compatible bins, drawer cabinets, drawer cabinet systems, rotary shelving, bulk storage cabinets, and mobile cabinets for your industrial storage needs.

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