Thursday, January 12, 2012

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Two months ago, I attended a health talk in which a medical doctor and a nutritionist were invited. The key points of the presentation were on maintaining good health through proper diet and nutrition - basically eating right, having enough rest and to get medical help whenever needed. Supplements were also included in the talk including usana vitamins and the range from Thorne Research.

The other day before this talk, a co-worker asked me whether I have heard of usana vitamins. At that time, I had no idea what she was talking about but after the health talk, I have enough information should she ask again. How much do you know about usana vitamins?

USANA Health Sciences, Inc., is a NYSE Utah-based multilevel marketing company that produces nutritional supplements, weight management and personal care products, most of which are manufactured at the company's Utah facility at West Valley City. The products are sold in sixteen international markets via a network of independent distributors. USANA is the 24th largest direct selling company in the world according to Wikipedia.

The usana supplements range includes Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin B-12 and Vitamin D. Other supplements include Histame, Omega 3, MultiVits, B Complex, and many more.

Why do we need supplements? Supplements can help us get the vitamins and minerals that may be lacking in our daily diet. Our body requires a healthy diet but unknown to us, what we eat may not be enough to provide the vitamins and minerals our body needs. That is where supplements come in.

Technology has made shopping online such a convenience. We can now shop without leaving our front door, even for food supplements. One site I recently came across with a wide selection of supplements is Take a look at their site. You would be spoilt for choice at the range of products they carry. One such that caught my eye is the range from Thorne Research.

If you are looking for Vitamins, Thorne Research has them too. One among the wide selection is Vitamin A Vegetarian capsules. Other supplements available include Thorne Research, B-Complex #1 60 Capsules, Thorne Research, Calcium-Magnesium Citrate 90 capsules, Thorne Research, Iodine; Tyrosine 60 capsules, Thorne Research, Potassium Citrate 90 capsules and many others. They are all selling at a great discount on

Did you know that calcium is necessary for healthy bones and teeth? 99% of the calcium found in our body is in the bones. When the body is not receiving enough calcium from external sources, i.e., our food supply, the body will respond by pulling the calcium from our bones. When this happens, the bones will weaken resulting in arthritis and osteoporosis. More complications will follow when this condition is allowed to continue. Calcium supplements are ideal for increasing calcium levels in the body to protect the calcium in the bones and teeth.

I understand that for digestive health, undecyn, a combination of calcium undecylenate, HCl and bentonite clay is recommended. This important supplement helps the body absorb nutrients even as waste is properly eliminated. Undecyn can help keep your intestines in good health and working the way they should.

Whatever supplements you require, it would be wise to consult your doctor for advice before you go out and buy something that may not be suitable for your body. And for savings, buying at Healthdesigns will save you a substantial 30-65% on supplements including calcium supplements, herbal and mineral supplements.

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