Friday, February 03, 2012

Cigars can make great gifts

I don't know much about cigars but a stumble on Google brought me to a site on cigars - something new for a change.

Over here, cigars are not easily available, as in over the counter, unlike cigarettes. But just like cigarettes, cigars come in many different brands, and sizes. Now I know after going through the site. Fortunately, for the availability of online cigar stores, cigars can easily be bought. One such cigar store is Cigar Place, reputed to be the Best Place to Buy Cigars.

Cigar Place's list of cigars is mind-boggling, at least to this writer who is totally not familiar with this "habit of smoke pleasure". If you are shopping on this site, you would have no problem navigating through the site as it is well-organized and with information that will enhance any shopper's shopping experience. Bottomline, shopping here is a breeze.

The many types of cigars here are listed in alphabetical order for easy location of desired brand or brands. If you are specifically looking for Rocky Patel Cigars, for instance, clicking on "R" will bring you smack to the page you are looking for and the choice you get for Rocky Patel Cigars is amazing. There is practically every brand from A to Z that you can find here on this site. Cigar Place is indeed any cigar aficionado's place to shop when it comes to cigars.

If the best prices are what you are looking for, (who isn't), you have come to the right place. Besides best prices, there are other programs that will increase your savings even further such as the Smokin' 7 Sweepstakes, Smokin' 1 Facebook Sweepstakes and Smokin' 1 Twitter Sweepstakes. Or check out their Cigar Aficionado Top 25 shopping discounts or their Bundles for further savings. Cigars make great gifts too.

They even have this 2 Cigar Guarantee which I find very customer-friendly. What this means is that quality through freshness is guaranteed and if you are not satisfied after smoking two cigars you purchase from them, they will offer you an exchange and pay all shipping costs. If that is not satisfactory, they will refund all money including shipping costs.

Besides cigars, you can also find accessories including ashtrays, humidors, cutters and punches, humidifiers, lighters and more.

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