Monday, February 20, 2012

Looking for Hand held massage tools?

Have you heard of Theracane? Me neither, before I looked up on it. The Theracane is a therapeutic massager, a hand held massage tool that applies pressure to treat muscle dysfunction. It is a cane-like tool with strategically-placed balls for effective full-body massage.

The Body Back Buddy Trigger Point Massager from the Body Back Company is a popular hand held massage tool that has gained recognition from massage therapists, chiropractors, and physical therapists. This model, with 11 therapy knobs, stimulates in-between muscles and pinpoints trigger points for a more finely-tuned treatment. It is handheld massage tools like this Body Back Buddy Trigger Point Massager that enable muscle dysfunction and discomfort to be able to be treated and relieved at home.

The Body Back Company, the self massage tool experts, offers the most versatile and effective hand held massage tools available at affordable prices. They stand behind every product one hundred percent in tandem with upholding the highest standards in their customer service. Their range of top quality products include hand-held massagers, massage balls, massage rollers, and massage accessories. Their product line has expanded significantly and they are always introducing new products, so do check back regularly for new products.

The Body Back Company website is easy to navigate to browse through or locate the product(s) you are looking for. To help you get started, take a look at their Featured products. If you are looking for massage tools for your feet, two products currently featured, among others, are the Amazing Wood Foot Roller and the Foot Roller & Porcupine Massage Ball. Now is a good time to order these products as Featured products are now offered at a much-discounted price. If you are a Yoga practitioner, the Body Back Lift for the headstand may interest you. This featured product is now priced at $79 helping you realize a saving of $40.95!

Further discounts are available if you order Massager Bundles that include two items bundled together for a deeper discount. Check them out, you will be amazed at their incredible prices!

Don't just take my word for it about the products being top quality, read the Testimonials from their satisfied customers. The Body Back Company - recommended by thousands of chiropractors, physical therapists and massage therapists around the world!

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