Saturday, December 31, 2011

Driveway alarms and More

Safety is always a top priority both for the home and the office. If you are in search of a wireless driveway alarm for your home or business, is your best source. features a wide array of long-range wireless driveway alarms, battery-powered remote sensors, loud ringing alarm systems, and even simple tone alert options. Their driveway wireless alert systems employ sophisticated infrared motion sensors, electromagnetic probes, compression hoses, and photoelectric beam kits. The most unique and specialized electronics are offered right here, at their easy-to-navigate website.

Browse their website for all products available relating to driveway alarms. You can find them all in their easy-to-access website in the following categories: Wireless Driveway Alarms, Motion Sensor Driveway Alarms, Electronic Probe Alarms, and Other Driveway Alarms.

Looking for a driveway vehicle detector or a remote car starter? You can find them here too. offers a wide selection of wireless motion alarms and detector alert systems in a range of styles and detection ranges. They are perfect for adding security or notification to any area in your home or business ensuring peace of mind. Additionally, their Rubber Hose, Reflective Beam Sensor, and other Driveway Alarms are specifically designed to eliminate false signals.

At DrivewayAlarmStore, their most popular form of alerts are driveway alarms. Unlike compression hose and electronic probe sensors, these infrared assisted systems can be employed to detect both large vehicles and people, while they ignore most small animals, foliage movement, or blowing debris thus preventing alarm unnecessarily going off.

Communication via intercom in the home is a handy method to get in touch especially when the home is a sprawling property of multiple levels and wings. A reliable intercom system is a boon to home security. DrivewayAlarmStore has a good selection of home wireless intercom system sets. Check them out.

Why buy from DrivewayAlarm There is no sales tax ouside of WA State. Orders placed before 10am ship the same business day ensuring that you get your items in the fastest possible time. All their products are genuine, authorized products. They do not carry any unauthorized or 'gray market' product of any kind. DrivewayAlarmStore is in good standing being a member of the Better Business Bureau. They have a great deal of experience and expertise in alarm systems having been in the industry since 1999. Last but not least, you can be assured of the security measure put in place. All online transactions on their website are processed with industry-standard SSL encryption. is truly anyone's driveway alarm source.

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