Monday, December 12, 2011

Food Allergies & Vitamin Supplements

The kind of food one can stomach without any discomfort or allergy may not be the case for another. For optimum health, we will need to know what food to avoid should we have a reaction to it. But then again, we do not need to avoid totally the food we love. There are vitamin supplements that can help alleviate symptoms.

For example, histamine in food. Elelvated histamine levels in foods such as pizza, fish, wine, beer and many others can make eating them a miserable experience. With Histame, a food supplement, these foods no longer need to be avoided. Histame replenishes the body's digestive enzyme Diamine Oxidase to regulate histamine levels in the body thus reducing food intolerance unlike antihistamines which only block the histamine.

When it comes to nutrition, of course it is ideal to get natural vitamins from the food we eat. Due to busy schedules, some of us tend not to eat right, i.e., we may be in such a rush that we do not have time to eat proper meals. This can result in a shortage of vitamins that our body needs to function at optimum levels. Food supplements can fill the gap to ensure adequate levels of the nutrients our body needs. There are now organic natural vitamins that we can consume without worry of them contaminating our body systems. There are even natural vitamins for joint pain. Inflammation from joint pain can have adverse effect on one's heart.

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Rob Torres said...

Your diet plan is great, Now I add this in my daily routine diet. Allergy Supplement

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