Wednesday, July 25, 2012

10 Foods to Try Before You Die

You've heard of 1,000 Places to See Before You Die or 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die
.. and many others. Here is a list of 10 Foods to Try Before You Die as compiled by Viator Travel Blog.

Malaysian seafood curry laksa is one of 10 foods ‘to try before you die’ says Viator. This is what the dish looks like, image courtesy of Viator.

Hailed as Malaysia‘s king of soups, this laksa is a spicy, tangy, coconut-creamy soup packed full of noodles, seafood, fish sticks, puffed tofu, vegetables, a hard-boiled egg, coriander and chilli sambal.

The Chinese-Malay dish is a classic of Peranakan cuisine, merging elements from Malaysia and Singapore. There are heaps of regional variances, and some seafood laksas also include chicken. If you come across assam laksa, you’ll find it has a fish rather than coconut broth.

The general rule is the simpler the surroundings, the tastier the curry laksa, so pull up a stool at a streetside stall in a Penang backstreet or Singapore food court and tuck in. A curry laksa really is to die for!
- Viator's 10 Foods to Try Before You Die

The other dishes that made the list include:

- Masala Dosa, the popular Indian crepe-like pancake with a filling made of potatoes, lentils and spices is also widely available in many restaurants in Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand.
- Peking duck from China
- BBQ ribs from the United States
- Teppanyaki from Japan
- France's escargots, which are actually snails served in shells and cooked in a delicious melange of garlicky parsley butter, before being served as appetisers.
- Moussaka finds a mention on the list - described as the Greek answer to the Italian lasagne. "The dish is made by smothering layers of ingredients in a cheese bechamel sauce, and baking until creamily melted and golden," the website describes.
- Zucchini flowers from Italy
- Thai dish Som tam or green papaya salad
- Pavlova from Australia-New Zealand.

Bon appetit!

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