Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Hazy, lazy days of Summer

The haze is certainly not letting up as fires are still burning in Sumatra. On Sunday, satellite readings showed 333 hotspots in Sumatra, three in Sabah, twenty in Sarawak, fifteen in Kalimantan and one each in Pahang and Johore.

All open burning activities in the Klang Valley have been ordered suspended by the DOE Director-General, effective today following a dip in air quality over the last few days.

Unhealthy air quality readings have been recorded in Port Klang, Gombak, Petaling Jaya, Shah Alam, Kuala Selangor in Selangor; Tanjung Malim in Perak; and Putrajaya.

Fishing vessels plying the Straits of Malacca have been advised by the marine police to take extra precautions due to the low visibility level.

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Pictures below give a good indication of the situation.

NOW AND THEN: The Prime Minister’s Department (left) and the Putra Mosque (right) used to dominate the Putrajaya skyline. But the two magnificent buildings can hardly be seen from afar these days with the thick haze. Pictures of the buildings were taken from the same place on June 27 before the haze (bottom picture) and at 12.46pm yesterday. — STARpix by RAJA FAISAL HISHAN

Below is a guide on the do's and don'ts to stay healthy and not suffer the effects of the haze and heat.

Indonesian minister says sorry over worsening haze

PETALING JAYA: “I am sorry” – these are the words of Indonesia’s Environment Minister Rachmat Witoelar over the haze situation that has enveloped parts of Malaysia.

“The haze has become more acute for our neighbours in Malaysia and we are truly sorry for this. We are very concerned about the worsening situation, caused mainly by open burning in Sumatra,” he told The Star yesterday.

Read article: Indonesian minister says sorry over worsening haze

OVERVIEW: Satellite image released by the Department of Environment yesterday showing hot spots in Sumatra and peninsular Malaysia.

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