Monday, August 01, 2005

Nation-wide Mega Sale

The nation-wide Mega Sale is now in its second week
with great bargains and discounts as much as 70%.
Malaysians and tourists alike are having a wonderful
time shopping for things they need and things they don't
need. It's amazing how the compulsion of shopping during
the Mega Sale affects rationale and judgment. That adds
to the fun in shopping, I guess.

Not only goods are going on sale, even services are too.
Take for instance the no-frills Air Asia. One can travel
to Penang, Kota Bharu, Alor Star, Johor Bahru and Terengganu
for as low as RM1.99. That's right! RM1.99. Of course it's
only for a specific period, from 1 Sep 05 to 30 Jun 06. Still...

And for international destinations, a ticket to Macau is
going for only RM99.99 from 1 Sep 05 to 25 Mar 06.

Buy online only at

Source: The Star

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