Saturday, April 07, 2007


PayPerPost has decided to rev things up a little by sponsoring the blogger awards. Any blog can be nominated to a variety of categories. PPP has set up a new site that allows bloggers to vote on the nominations. Two categories I find interesting are "Most Obnoxious Blogger" and "Worst Blog of All Time". Nominations have been made and voting has begun.

The BloggersChoiceAwards - have you placed your votes yet? The blogs you see listed are all nominated by bloggers like yourself. These are blogs that are currently making an impact in the blogosphere. Voting is on now and results will be announced at the PostieCon on June 2. There are no restrictions. You can vote for as many blogs as you like but you can only vote once per blog, per category.

Besides nominating and voting, the site also allows for comments. Anyone can put in comments to any blog. I think this is a wonderful idea as constructive comments can make bloggers improve their blogs raising the overall standard of blogs.

Voting is easy. Just click on the icon on the right next to the nominated blog. For those blogs nominated, blogger-owners can obtain a "Brag Badge" for their blog. Cool!

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