Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Roman blinds

My classmate, Debbie, who has just collected the keys to her new house is all excited about moving in but before that, there's a lot more work to be done. She has been running around checking out stuff including furniture, lightings, paintings, air-conditioners, in fact almost everything new for her new home. She's now at the crossroads wondering as to get curtains or blinds for her windows and she asked for my opinion.

I told her I'm all for blinds, especially roman blinds. I love the pleats on these blinds. They look so pretty and neat and would surely enhance a home, any home. Did you know that there are now DIY roman blinds? They are called Roman Blind Kits and they contain everything you need to make your own roman blinds, including a pre-corded headrail, bars, weighted bottom bar, velocro and roman blind tape and they are at a very good price too.

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