Friday, June 01, 2007

How to win a BMW

Recently, someone I know won a BMW in a lucky draw. How cool is that? I'd like to win something like that too, a car and a BMW at that. I need a new car to replace the one that I have which is giving me problems of late. So, a new BMW would just be a dream come true. And I know one place where I can stand a chance to win a BMW 3 Series, plus there is a host of other great prizes that can be won. And the best part is, you can win it just by bidding for it.

This auction has a fun twist to it, that is, the person with the lowest bid is the winner of the item. Any lowest bid that is unique, meaning that your bid is the only one and no one else bids that amount, wins the prize. The best part is, your 0.01cent bid could be the winner of the prize that you are bidding for. Yes, winning can be that simple and that big-ticket item that you've always wanted could be yours for a cent, a few cents or even a few dollars. What then are you waiting for? Start placing your bids today for the prize you want. The more bids you place, the better chances of you winning that prize.

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