Sunday, November 11, 2007

Krillion Finds You The Item in a Store Near You

What do we do when we want to look up something or check out an item we are interested in buying? We go online and search for it. Shopping online is the trend these days but some people still prefer going to malls and retail outlets to check out the item. However, it would take some legwork to visit one store after another to find the item, wouldn't it? Did you know that there is no need for that hassle anymore?

There is now a search engine that allows you to search for an item in a store near you? Take for instance, if you are interested in Whirlpool Washing Machines, all you need do is to key in those keywords, key in your town or city and voila! you would instantly know which store has the Whirlpool Washing Machines that you are looking for. You can then go over to the store to buy it. Cool, don't you think?

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