Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Horizon at Myrtle Beach

Let me take a break from talking about Malaysia and talk about a holiday destination outside of Malaysia instead.

I first read about Myrtle Beach from a blog I happened upon and found this holiday destination truly appealing. If I get the chance, I would like to holiday at Myrtle Beach. The Horizon is one of Myrtle Beach best hotels. It is modern and all their rooms are airy being ocean-view rooms.

See what I mean? What a view, don't you think? You get to see beautiful sunrises and sunsets along the coast and listen to the call of the seagulls as they soar across the shoreline waves, and more.

Myrtle Beach can be enjoyed any season of the year. With the vast selection of attractions, anyone can have a dream vacation come true at Myrtle Beach. If you are a water-babe, there is a water recreational plaza, indoor and outdoor pools, a lazy river just to name a few. If you are golfer, you would be in for a real treat as there are over 80 golf courses to choose from!

As for accommodation, it has to be The Horizon, of course. This Myrtle Beach hotel has 143 suites of 1, 2 and 3 bedroom-type and all with private balcony. If you are planning to holiday at Myrtle Beach, do check out The Horizon's Seasonal Specials. They will certainly enhance your holiday experience. Visit The Horizon website,, for details and booking.

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