Saturday, September 17, 2011

Greenhouses big and small

Whether it's a garden greenhouse paradise (like the one in the image) or just a small hobby greenhouse you are looking for, Gothic Arch Greenhouses is the place to start. They have been specializing in horticultural products since the '40s.

Growing from strength to strength, they began experimenting with various styles of greenhouse designs and materials. Over time, they finally settled on the Gothic Arch style because of its strength, good looks and optimum light and heat transmitting properties, and for its ease of construction.

At Gothic Arch Greenhouses there is every type of greenhouse to meet any need. There are Hobby Greenhouses for that personal garden you have been dreaming of, Institutional greenhouses for a school or club gardening or herbal project, Commercial greenhouses for vegetable-growing or even for an indoor enclosure to house a swimming pool for all-year-round swimming. On a larger scale, there are also International Greenhouses. Gothic Arch Greenhouses has them all.

If it's Greenhouse Supplies or Greenhouse Kits you need, they have them too. It doesn’t matter whether you are a backyard gardener or you own a huge commercial nursery, chances are you’re going to need greenhouse supplies. At Gothic Arch Greenhouses, they have a wide range of supplies from pots and containers to hydroponics supplies, from greenhouse benches and carts to greenhouse covering, circulation fans to coolers and cooling system equipment and more. Don't just take my word for it, browse their website and see for yourself the wide selection available. Indeed, they are a one-stop-shop for everything greenhouse!

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