Thursday, September 01, 2011

Unique and unequalled Vienna Design

When it comes to art and architecture, Europe must be the place to visit either for art appreciation or simply to wallow in all that historical beauty, culture and design.

Take Valencia for instance. Valencia is the third largest city in Spain and boasts a unique heritage that is part Muslim, part Roman and part Catholic. Valencia Art and architecture rule the modern day amidst a historic backdrop of culture. Though the city is most famous for her oranges and paella, the food in Valencia is rich and varied in range, incorporating the freshest of seafood and plentiful local produce that is readily available. Besides the culinary experience, the Valencia Fashion Week attracts fashion-enthusiasts from around the world.

Another European capital to visit for the art enthusiast is Vienna, the capital of Austria. Vienna is a medieval city with modern appeal. The art, music, theater, food and architecture all contribute to Vienna's dynamic culture. Vienna Design and art portray the elegant Viennese style as evidenced in the jewelry and furniture. Though food in Vienna is influenced by the varied culinary traditions of Austria's neighboring countries, Vienna restaurants are world-famous and are distinguished as their own cultural attraction. Vienna is certainly a city not to be missed on a trip to Europe.

Zurich is yet another European city which is a must on the travel itinerary. Zurich is a financial capital of the world and the largest city in Switzerland. She is one of the world's most picturesque destinations of snowcapped mountains and clear blue skies. A premier shopping destination, nightlife and recreation hub, Z├╝rich has truly become a fascinating travel destination. Zurich design and art are avidly watched. Their world-class museum offers a variety of experiences. These are all cool capitals indeed!

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