Wednesday, August 31, 2011

PixelTuneup fixes stuck pixels on TVs

Television sets last a long time. A television set doesn't get trashed unless it is totally broken down. What about if your tv set is showing colors and contrast that are less than sharp and stuck pixels and ghosting showing up instead? Chances are these are factors will also result in the tv set being thrown out. But before you take that step of replacing it with a new television set, you may want to take a look at the video below.

PixelTuneup is the world’s first stuck pixel fixer that improves picture quality and eliminates image retention. This unique patent-pending design uses a proprietary video signal to restore and renew the quality of television images. PixelTuneup improves color and contrast, eliminates stuck pixels, reduces effects of plasma burn in. It corrects image retention in both LCD and LED TVs. Regular use will also help protect your television set or monitor from static images like cable channel logos, sports banners, computer desktop images, game console menus, and side bar.

Using PixelTuneup once a week for 20 minutes is all that is typically needed to maintain a clear, crisp television screen on traditional or newer TVs. The product pays for itself many times over by eliminating costly repairs or upgrades to a more expensive TV. Don’t buy a new TV if you don’t have to. Give PixelTuneup a try and save hundreds or even thousands on a new tv.

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