Thursday, October 20, 2011

Planeclear private jet membership

Ever thought about travelling on a private jet on your next business or vacation trip? Planeclear takes private jet-travel to a whole new level, whether it is for business or leisure, individual travel, a family trip or a business group travel.

If you are looking to charter a private aircraft or take up fractional ownership or obtaining jet cards through membership, Planeclear Aviation Group is the company you are looking for.

As a member, you will have access to a completely transparent booking process and that you will be in contact with the people who actually own, maintain and operate the aircraft. You would even be in the know as to the fair market price of your charter.

Planeclear has been noted for their outstanding customer service, safety and convenience. You will take comfort that every detail of your flight from start to finish will be thoroughly covered and taken care of.

If you are a frequent flyer or whose family flies frequently for business or leisure or your company sends employees out on a regular basis, it would be to your and your company's advantage to have private air charter membership such as offered by Planeclear. Sign up and get your private jet cards today. You would be glad you did. With private jet cards you will get to enjoy membership and program options that work for you. Nothing is further from the truth, a Planeclear Jet Charter membership is an investment that will ensure you the comfort, safety and peace of mind you deserve for your business and family travel.

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Private Jet said...

If you are a regular travel you can own or can get fractional ownership of a Private Jet else its better to rent them.

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