Friday, October 07, 2011

Employee Recognition and Incentive Program ideas

Incentive programs can come in many forms and in various scenarios. Employee recognition through incentive programs is a common form of motivating employees and giving recognition. An organization with a culture that engages in reward and recognition for employees will be able to keep their valuable employees. Recognition and rewards reinforce good performance and behavior subsequently better results for the company.

Service awards is one form of employee recognition. Celebrating anniversaries strengthens employee relationships and reduces turnover. It could also help the organization attract top talent.

There are many ways an organization can attract talent and keep employees. Besides recognition for good performance, safety standards can also be maintained with incentive programs. An effective safety incentive program can instill a healthy work ethic in the workplace. Less accidents mean better performance and better productivity for the company.

Companies that recognize employees for good attendance encourages health awareness. A healthier workforce makes a happy workforce and in turn better results and performance for the company.

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