Saturday, October 22, 2011

Doximity improves communication for healthcare professionals

Doximity is a communication platform for healthcare professionals that some say is long overdue. The application is available on the Web, iPhone, iPad and devices running on Android, Google's operating system.Physicians in the US can now network with their medical colleagues or get connected with their former or current medical school classmates and residents. All this is possible with much convenience with Doximity.

Doximity is something like LinkedIn or Facebook but for doctors only. Getting connected is easy, for example, if you are looking to connect with Jefferson Edwards MD, you simply type in the name and one or two other information such as Specialty or Languages spoken. If you are a member, you can connect with over 567,000 US physician colleagues in 87 specialties. You can exchange HIPAA-secure messages, send faxes, share private phone lists, pagers and back lines with fellow-physicians. Sign-up is free and takes just 1 minute.

Check out video for overview..

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