Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Daily-paid maids now the popular choice

If you are planning to hire a foreign maid, below is a table comparing cost of hiring maids from different countries. The critical shortage of foreign maids and demand from desperate employers are the main causes that have pushed the employment fees so high that an upfront sum in the five-figure region is now a must.

Checks made by The Star show that a recruitment agency asked for RM12,075 for a Filipino maid while another said it would cost RM11,900 for a Cambodian maid.

Here is how much you would have to come up with as upfront payment for a Filipina maid..

Because of the high cost of hiring a permanent foreign maid, many are turning to daily-paid maids paying them only as and when they turn up for work.

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Eve lyn said...

where can i get that company number ? i need it badly ...

ken said...

daily-paid maids are more like cleaners i think.. come for 3 hours, clean the house & get paid..

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