Monday, August 08, 2011

Data cabling, Security and Network Systems

Based in Connecticut, The Mercury Group is a top quality cabling and wiring solutions company that specializes in the design and installation of Voice, Video, Data, Electrical and Security systems. Their expertise includes a wide range of installation, ongoing maintenance, professional consultation, specialized solutions and more. In other words, they are a “connectivity contractor” and they have more than 30 years of experience. Their years of experience in handling Data cabling, Network cabling and other installations enables them to work in many environments including industrial environments, campus environments, schools and libraries, personal security and wireless.

Being a BICSI Premier Contractor, they maintain rigorous quality standards and best practices and ensure their staff has the highest level of qualification and professionalism. They employ RCDD designers and even their technicians are BICSI certified.

Security and data network installations are not elements that can be compromised on. Any substandard work on these systems could potentially result in losses that could run into millions. Whether your company requires a CCTV security camera system or needs and extensive data cabling installation, The Mercury Group has the expertise you can count on. All of their installations are fully warranted for one year for whatever reason. For extended warranties, they cover all workmanship and product malfunctions for the next four years.


Samantha Goh said...

Hi there~! Do you have the website for this company?

Samantha Goh

HappySurfer said...

Hi there Samantha. The links on this post will take you to the website. Click on them. Thanks for stopping by.

Kamo R said...

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