Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A source for Used cath lab and used c-arm

Nowadays, owning a piece of previously-owned item is common. We buy used books, used clothes, watches, designer bags, second-hand cars and so on. Pre-owned items can mean savings especially when you buy in abundance or buying over time or buying a big-ticket item such as an automobile versus paying for a brand-new car.

On the corporate level, equipment can pass from one company to another after being refurbished and fitted with new parts and serviced. Airplanes come into this category. Duplicating machines as well as hospital equipment can come under this category of corporate pre-owned items changing ownership.

If you are sourcing equipment for a hospital including medical imaging products and/or services, here is a source to check out.

Chicago Medical Exchange (Chicago MEDX) is a source for refurbished medical imaging equipment from used c-arm to used cath lab, CT scanners, Mammography equipment, even used mri equipment as well as used pet ct scanners. With over 20 years of experience in the medical imaging industry, MEDX provides complete turnkey operations, including equipment drawings and planning, applications, project management, delivery and installation, training, warranty and extended service. They also buy your used equipment if you have any to let go of.

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